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Containing Cannabis with Mobile Storage Shelving

Containing Cannabis with
Mobile Storage Shelving


Cannabis Retail Company - Seattle, WA 


The Challenge: 


A cannabis retail company reached out to DACO to explore storage options for their overly cramped back rooms. With this specific type of retail store, their containers range from small bags to heavy glass jars. With minimal space in their aisles and a growing demand for product, the company was in dire need of a better storage solution.  


The Solution: 

The cannabis company had already attempted to utilize various shelving options including rivet shelving and mobile aisle systems. They found their existing solutions worked but were not meeting the expectations of the company due to weight, mobility, and usability issues. In general, the area was too crowded, the shelves lacked the ability to hold the weight of their product, and this lack of functionality lead to a decrease in productivity. In search of new options, they contacted the DACO team, who suggested Mobile Aisle Shelving Units. 


Resolution & Benefits from Solution: 


  • Resolved issues relating to space, weight, and functionality.  
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