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Cooling Down the Seafood Process with a Clean Room

Customer – Northern Fish Tacoma
The Challenge:  Northern Fish in Tacoma was in need of a processing area solution that would allow access to a cooler.  With a cooler being added, they needed a clean environment to ensure it would be a smooth and sanitary process, without slowing down their progress.
Solution: Starrco’s 3 Wall Modular Office was the best solution for Northern Fish’s particular situation.  With a special FRP paneling, clean room acoustical ceiling panels, and a unique clean room lighting system, they would now be able to wash everything down and not contaminate lights or walls.  The 3-wall office would stand 9 feet and have plenty of room for storage and a new area for their cooler to be accessed.
Benefits Provided: DACO, in partnership with Starrco, was able to install and provide a storage solution for the customer.  In adding the storage solution, DACO solved the ability to utilize the cooler as needed.
  • Extra storage
  • Special paneling for washing without contamination
  • Easy access to cooler
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