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Drive-In Storage

Wyckoff Farms 
Grandview, Washington 
Daco Solves Hemp Oil Extraction Issue 
A new hemp oil extraction facility reached out to DACO to evaluate and provide a storage solution for their product.  Wyckoff’s objective was to store approximately a one-year supply of hemp material on site for production.  There was ample vertical space in the new warehouse facility, but for quality control reasons, the hemp material used in the production process required that pallet loads could be stacked no more than two high.  In order to maximize pallet positions, a high-density storage rack solution was proposed.   
Solutions Explored: 
From the beginning, the requirement was to maximize pallet positions of like product.  With this in mind, Eric Anderson proposed a drive-in storage rack solution, as this particular storage solution was perfectly suited for this purpose. 
Resolution & Benefits from Solution: 
The implemented drive-in solution maximized pallet positions within the cubic space of the customers’ new warehouse. This allowed for plenty of product supply storage in an area that could remain untouched until the extraction process.  Moving forward, material would be easily accessible and in close proximity to their extraction area, and they could begin processing and increasing productivity.  
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