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Unique Outdoor Modular Installation

Unique Outdoor Modular Installation


Industry:  Seafood Processing
Industry Application:  Outdoor Modular Office
Location:  Seattle, WA

‘Temporary’ Staff Quarters… for 9 Years?
The Icicle Seafood staff aboard the Gordon Jensen fishing vessel had been dealing with a makeshift rest area that was essentially no more than an undivided bunk room.

DACO and Panel Built Create a Modular Solution
The crew needed a solution to replace an aging dormitory.  They required separate areas to read, sleep, or just get some privacy in their off hours while at sea.  It was necessary for both DACO and Panel Built to get creative within limited floor space to design the new staff quarters on the ship’s deck and ensure that it was resilient enough to withstand the elements a fishing boat encounters in rough Alaskan seas.  In addition, the fishing vessel had a short window of time where work could be done.

Quick Install Minimizes Lost Fishing Time
Modular offices are normally constructed indoors, however an outdoor modular office was the perfect solution for Icicle Seafoods, as it could be constructed quickly and per their specific specifications.  The exterior structure needed to be assembled on-site at Pier 91 in Seattle, and then the entire completed structure needed to be craned onto the boat and attached to the ship’s stern.  The modular feature of this structure gave Icicle Seafood a fast assembly, minimizing any lost fishing time

DACO Delivers “Knock Your Socks Off” Customer Service
The assembly on Pier 91 only took 2 weeks while the ship was docked between trips, including assembly and lifting the structure onto the boat with a crane and welding it down. The entire structure was designed keeping in mind the unique application, showing the dedication and care Panel Built and DACO put towards their customers.
“The building looked like it belonged on the boat all along-- it was really cool…” -Tammy Munko, DACO
Resolution & Benefits from Solution:  

  • Improved Off-Time Staff Quarters
  • Quick Install
  • Minimized Lost Fishing Time
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