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Pallet Bands

  • Pallet Bands available at DACO
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Pallet Bands are an economical and usable means to stabilize your pallet loads so they can be quickly and safely stored or transported.  Most standard pallet loads can be stabilized with just one correctly sized pallet band or use several for load configurations that are more unique.

Labor costs can be greatly reduced as they can be applied and removed by just one person, quickly and easily.  Precious time is saved by eliminating the need to go round and round the load with stretch film.  The quickness of application allows you to secure many loads per hour, again saving you time and money and they won't damage your product while protecting it.

They are ideal for internal warehousing for picking from open pallet loads.  Instead of using stretch wrap film to secure the open pallets which has to be broke open and re-wrapped each time you need to remove product, use a pallet band to re-secure the load.  They can be reused over and over again, saving time and money.

Features & Benefits of Pallet Bands: (click to view)

  • Recommended Pallet Measurements - 24" x 32"
  • Provides stability to your pallet loads.
  • Reusable, lowering your material costs.
  • Easy on, easy off application reduces labor costs.  Only requires one person to apply band with no need for equipment or tools.
  • Won"t damage product being banded.
  • Banding allows air movement, especially critical if storing pallet loads in coolers, chillers or freezers.
  • Won"t trap moisture in that could damage product

Ideal uses for Pallet Bands Include: (click to view)

  • Securing pallet loads in manufacturing and distribution facilities.
  • Securing tote and container liners.
  • Securing protective coverings used by moving companies during moving operations.
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