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Personal Safety Partitions

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As things evolve and we start to look towards the time that businesses start to open back up for business, we will be looking for ways to do so as safely as possible.  Safe distancing could be a part of our future for a while, so we are all looking for ways to do so safely.

These Personal Safety Partitions / Curtain Walls are a personal protective equipment option that will allow businesses to create separation in environments such as restrauants, workplace areas, production lines and retail checkout counters to help shield against airborne contaminants such as COVID-19.

They come in two styles - ceiling hung and freestanding, and be quickly and easily installed.

***CASE STUDY VIDEO*** - Bay View's Egg & Flour Restaurant  - check it out

***SEATTLE TIMES REPORTS*** - Tyson Foods has installed a similar solution in their plants (as pictured above) to help improve their workers safety.
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