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Rackable Plastic Pallets

  • Rackable Plastic Pallets available at DACO
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Rackable Plastic Pallets are designed to be used with a wide variety of unsupported racking systems to store product and optimize valuable storage and floor space.

These easily cleanable rackable plastic pallets come in vented and solid styles and can be made in a variety of materials including FDA-approved or fire retardant, depending on your specific needs.

Top 9 Reasons to Consider Rackable Plastic Pallets: (click to view)

  • Your unsupported pallet racks require dimensionally consistent pallets.
  • Wood pallets cause costly product damage.
  • Your ASRS, AGVs or high rise storage system requires a dimensionally consistent pallet.
  • Your application has sanitation requirements.
  • Your application requires highly impact-resistant handling solution.
  • Your wood pallets need frequent repair
  • You have to invest in pallet support bars or wire deckign to adequately support wood pallets in your facility.
  • Your insurance company recommends fire-retardant pallets.
  • You use RFID to track pallets and product throughout your system.

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