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Industrial Casters and Wheels

Series 16 Industrial Casters & Wheels are used on a variety of equipment to make them more mobile and easily maneuverable.  There are many styles to choose from - light, medium or extra heavy duty casters and wheels that range from super strong and durable designs to those that cushion your more fragile cargo.

Many other models of casters and wheels are available - if you do not see specific information on the style you are interested in, please contact DACO for details.

Features & Benefits of Industrial Casters and Wheels: (click to view)

  • Manufactured from cold forged steel and are recommended for medium to medium duty applications.
  • Perfect for dollies, waste disposal trucks, warehouse trucks, floor trucks and shop carts.
  • Zinc plated parts, except wheels.
  • Choose from rigid or swivel styles Albion casters.
  • Top Plate Size: 4" x 4.5"
  • Slotted Bolt Hole Centers: 2 5/8" x 3 5/8" to 3" x 3".
  • Attaching Bolt Size: 3/8"

How do you know which caster and trolley wheel is right for your application - Questions to Ask: (click to view)

  • How much weight will each caster carry?
  • What are the environmental factors (dust, acids, chemicals, heat, etc)?
  • On what type of floor will the castered equipment be used?
  • Is overall height a consideration?
  • Is the bolt hold pattern important?
  • How will the caster be attached to the equipment?
  • Is the frequency of use continuous or intermittent?
  • Is overload possible?
  • What is the speed range and normal distance of travel?
  • Are there special attachments required such a brakes, swivel locks, toe guards?
  • Is movement powered or manual?

Choose From the Following Industrial Cart Wheel Types: (click to view)


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