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Modular Offices

Running out of room and need to create more office or warehouse storage space...we have solutions for you.

Modular Office Buildings & Prefabricated Buildings - create additional office, manufacturing or storage space by adding an additional modular building inside your existing building and qualify for accelerated tax depreciation. Prefabricated buildings are also great as portable guard shacks.

Modular offices are some of the best investments you can make to save money and remain agile in today’s economy. These offices are flexible, customizable workspaces that are suitable for a variety of business types and employee needs.

Advantages of Modular Offices

There are several excellent advantages to utilizing modular offices as opposed to traditional ones.

For starters, modular offices allow you unparalleled flexibility in terms of design choice and office size. You can specify the type and shape of office that you want and have it sized to fit your pre-set space requirements. Using modular offices in this way can allow you to make more efficient use of your space and even utilize vertical space that would otherwise go wasted.

Modular offices also allow you to modify them and the surrounding space more easily. Business is a venture that requires adaptation and modular offices can adapt much more effectively than traditional offices. You can move, modify, or alter the office with much less work.

Finally, modular offices are often less expensive than traditional offices and can even qualify as equipment, which qualifies for accelerated tax depreciation. Saving more money is always a good thing, since anything that you save can be funneled right back into your business.

Industries That Can Benefit from Modular Offices

The potential application for modular offices is immense. Virtually every type of business can make good use of the versatility and customization that modular offices can offer.

modular office

Administrative offices, shipping and receiving offices, cafeterias, conference rooms, foreman’s offices, computer and engineering labs, and break rooms are all possible variations of the standard modular office. Therefore, any business which utilizes spaces like these can benefit from modular offices.

Many of the most common businesses to benefit are warehouses, factories, construction businesses, shipyards, and design hubs. Administrations buildings, in particular, can benefit from using modular offices because administrations can easily flux and change as people join or leave.

Ideal Applications for Modular Offices

Modular offices have a wide variety of applications. For instance, you can use modular offices to accelerate a remodel of the office building or warehouse, since you can move the offices around as construction progresses. Or, you could use the offices as working spaces for seasonal or temporary employees. In today’s gig-based economy, there are many workers who move from job to job and don’t stay long enough for a permanent office. Modular offices are a great middle ground that provides them with personal space without requiring the investment of a permanent office.

modular office

Invest in Modular Offices

As you can see, investing in modular offices is a great way to create additional space by utilizing your unused vertical space, while saving time and money during the construction phase. All of this makes it easier for your business to change, thrive, and adapt as you grow. They can enable you to quickly create additional workspace or house additional personnel. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about modular offices, contact us or give DACO a call and we’ll be sure to help you right away! Like and follow us on Facebook!


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