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Plastic Wine Barrels & Wine Barrel Racks

Plastic Wine Barrels are a two piece bulk container system that consists of an round inner plastic barrel and an outer heavy duty plastic stacking frame that provides protection for the inner barrel, while allowing then to be stacked up to 3-4 high when full.  These palstic wine barrels help improve wine maturation vessel breathing, at a much lower cost than with traditional oak barrels, without leaking.

Rack-Master's™ Plastic Wine Barrel Racks are an option to traditional steel racks that are designed to protect your spirits, stored in oak barrels, while being racked.  The advantage of these plastic barrel racks over steel racks is that they will not dent, chip, or corrode, while unparalleled impact strength that helps lessens your worries about your rack and barrels.  Their smooth surfaces allow for eacy cleaning.


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