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Remco Extension Handles

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Remco Extension Handles help make difficult-to-reach cleaning tasks easier. These handles can be paired with VIkan and Remco color coded cleaning and material handling tools.  Washing down walls and tall tanks is made much easier, without the need for a ladder.

The 6268 extendable fiberglass / aluminum handle allows you a reach ranging from approximately 8 to 15 feet.

The 6269 extendable fiberglass handle allows you a reach ranging from approximately 6 to 10 feet. 

Remco extension handles are also available with draining channel (6268N, 6269N) which allows for drainage directly through the handle; and bottles (6268B, 6269B) which allows for drainage into the included bottle part number RP6946.  The poles are designed to work in conjunction with Remco's condensation collection squeegees to help eliminate dripping water that could contaminate food products and/or cause corrosion on costly equipment.

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