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Rack Master - Plastic Wine Barrel Racks

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Rack-Master's™ Plastic Wine Barrel Racks are designed to protect expensive oak barrels while being racked.  Unlike steel racks that can dent and chip the paint on your oak barrels, the unique all plastic construction of these barrels offer a smooth, corrosion resistant surface, and unparalleled impact strength that lessens maintenance worries on your rack and barrels.

It is designed to handle the most commonly used barrel handling equipment and is stacking compatible with other existing steel wine barrel rack systems; making it easy to switch from your existing steel racks to the Rack Master™.

Available in two sizes - 2 and 4 barrel.

These wine racks also offer a 2 year warranty on workmanship and materials, twice the coverage on steels racks.

Features & Benefits of Plastic Wine Barrel Racks: (click to view)

  • One piece HDPE construction, there are no welded joints or areas where bacteria can get trapped, making them sanitary, and easy to clean.
  • Corrosion resistant  - reduced maintenance costs as no repainting or refurbishing needed.
  • Smooth plastic surface that is gentler on barrels.
  • Maximizes barrel oxygen exposure by limiting barrel contact points, which promotes airflow around the barrel.
  • Gradual radius corner design - there are no sharp corners which can reduce damage to barrels and improves worker safety.
  • Bung access port allows access to bung port while barrels are stacked for topping, stirring and sampling.
  • 7" forklift channels optimizes handling and clearance between stacked barrels. 
  • Side entries are compatible with standard 27" width pallet jacks.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • 2 year warranty on workmanship and materials.
  • Patented
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