Proudly celebrating 50+ years as your premier Pacific Northwest material handling, storage, and packaging experts. We are dedicated to the success of our customers.

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Customer Testimonials

Hear from our customers how partnering together, we were able to help them solve their challenges, and put them on the track for achieving their short and long term goals.

“Of the 10 or so companies we had reached out to, your company is the only one who knew what needed to be done. We searched high & low for a racking company that understands and can provide what we need.”

Christine Sanchez A-N-C Cold Storage Construction, Inc.

“When dealing with DACO Corporation I never had to worry. If I had a question they would get back to me the same day. If I had a problem they would make it right within the week. Inevitably there will be problems when doing any sort of construction or remodel, but after a couple weeks I knew any hiccups we had would get taken care of. It’s a great piece of mind having an account manager who cares not just about the business a customer brings, but the satisfaction of that customer. Their honest and upfront approach to handling my project was refreshing and made my whole project much easier to put together and complete. Now that my new modular offices are complete and being worked in, we could not be happier with the results.”

Nicole Clarke AAA KARTAK Glass & Closet, Inc.

“From the time we decided to proceed until the project was complete we never had any issues with them at all. The permitting process was handled through Federal Way without issue. All subcontractors showed up on time and in every case their work was outstanding. The finished product is exactly what we wanted and has become a showcase for other owners at Garagetown. DACO delivered a completed project that truly represented best value for this very satisfied customer. Not only would I do business with them again, I highly recommend them to everyone that visits my ‘man cave.’”

Scott Carson

“About a year ago we bought a new warehouse building in Kent, WA. It turns out that buying and installing shelving has never been tougher: Earthquake considerations, Requests, inspections, permits, more inspections. And delays. Moving vans were rented, moving crews were scheduled to fly in from our other branches. We were getting down to the wire. By the time we got all of the permits we needed and inspections, we had about three weeks to get the shelving ordered, shipped and installed. I called DACO Corp. DACO sells a very good product. The shelving was not a “stock.” size. The manufacturer had to schedule and make it.  They told me they couldn’t promise anything at this date but they would “do their best,” and they did that. DACO asked the manufacturer to give us a little bit of priority treatment because of our urgency and they did. The shelving arrived in excellent condition. All shelving needed to be “bolted” to the floor. DACO put together an installation team of four guys who worked their tails off everyday until the job was done. About a day after they were finished the first truck backed into our old warehouse to load up. The timing couldn’t have been any closer.  DACO did a superb job for us. We won’t forget it.”

George Trainor Branch Manager | Case Part Co. Northwest

“DACO has provided us with several Interlake Cantilever Rack and Select Rack systems for our Canyon Road facility and a Drive-In Rack system for our South A Street facility, both located in Tacoma. The projects included designing a solution to fit our needs, supplying the rack systems and completing the installation for each. Their approach to finding a solution was fast and complete. They kept us informed and included us at each phase of the project. Their confidence in their products and services was communicated in their professional handling of each of the projects to its successful completion. DACO continues to provide us with additional products and services. As a satisfied customer I consider DACO to be an outstanding company with integrity, whose thoughts are “customer first”. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering their services.”

John Coats Plant Manager | Northwest Door, Inc.

“Eric Anderson, with DACO Corporation, partnered with Allan Brothers Fruit in providing a complete Advance Storage Products Pushback Storage Rack system for a new cold storage warehouse expansion at our Naches, Washington facility. This system was designed to accommodate our current and future high-density, multiple-variety product storage demands. The project included consultation in designing a solution, providing structural and seismic engineering, and project management in supplying the pushback rack system materials and coordinating installation. We were kept informed at each phase of the project, and the job was completed prior to the construction deadline required. Eric’s confidence in DACO’s quality products and professional services was communicated, from start to finish, in the handling of this $400,000+ project. As a satisfied customer, I consider DACO to be an outstanding company with a reputation for integrity, whose vision is to be their client’s “first thought and best choice”. I would highly recommend Eric Anderson and DACO to anyone considering their services.”

Larry Allan President | Allan Brothers Fruit Company

“We decided to upgrade our corrugator at our Sheets Unlimited facility. There were many decisions to be made such as who would supply this machine, how it would be installed, time lines and a thousand other things that we as a group were very prepared and qualified to make. In this process, it was decided that this installation had to be first class in every way. We decided to enclose all of the power air and water in trenches so there would be no visual obstructions around the machine. We moved walls, added conveyor lines and reorganized the entire building to compliment this machine. The final decision to be made was the placement of the operator’s control room. In our industry, these rooms typically are built at floor level next to the machines but we did not feel that this would meet either our needs or our vision for this installation. We made the decision to elevate the control room 12 feet above the floor and suspend it over the machine. This would not only optimize the field of vision for the operator but enhance the overall appearance of the machine. We contacted DACO to give us their thoughts on this project. Even though they may have initially thought that we were crazy, they never let it show. DACO handled everything, the engineering, design, fire suppression, and installation. The only decisions our group had to make during the process was the color. It was a great experience to have a company like DACO take a project of this magnitude and run with it from start to finish. They not only met our expectations but exceeded them in every aspect of the project. I look forward to working with them again on other projects of this type.”

Krist Leland Director of Manufacturing | Alliance Packaging

“DACO recently completed a $123,500 storage rack project for our facility. The project included supplying drive-in rack and select rack components, permits, and installation. I was pleased with DACO’s service and product knowledge. I have purchased many material handling and packaging products over the years from DACO, and I have been pleased with the customer service and attention to detail that they have given us. I feel DACO is an outstanding company with integrity and would highly recommend them to anyone considering their services.”

Rick Young Operations Manager | Oregon Food Bank

“I recently partnered with DACO on a $275,000 drive-in storage rack project for our freezer facility. DACO performed turnkey project management throughout the process, from engineering design to installation. As a satisfied customer, I consider DACO a reputable company that stands behind its solutions, and would consider DACO for future projects that may arise.”

Ron Huff Plant Engineer | Lamb Weston

“We have had several large projects with DACO.  DACO provided us with a complete Interlake Cantilever Rack system for our Pultrusion facility in Tacoma. This project included designing a cantilever rack system to take advantage of the space at our facility, supply the rack system and its installation. Throughout the project, DACO worked with us, keeping us informed at each step of the job. We were pleased with their specialized management of this quarter million project and its successful completion. We at Milgard will always look to DACO on any future rack systems that we may need. I would recommend their company for anyone that needs a professional and straightforward team to supply any of their products and services.”

Scott Reutercrona Maintenance & Facilities Manager |. Milgard Composites Division