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Strip Door Curtains

Strip Door Curtains are an excellent addition to your warehouse or business when it comes to environment control. These are long, plastic strips that hang from the top of an open door and provide a barrier against dust, insects, or other contaminants, as well as maintain heat levels between rooms. They form a protective seal in the doorway without blocking passage for workers or customers.

Many businesses don’t use strip door curtains because they aren’t sure of the benefits or the cost, but the reality is that vinyl strip curtains are affordable and easy-to-install. In fact, they provide more than one great benefit and can end up saving a business money in the long run, thanks to the energy-savings they bring to the table. Types of Strip Door Curtains Available Include Standard Opening, Personnel, Clean Room and Data Center Containment

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Advantages of Strip Door Curtains

There are two main benefits to installing vinyl strip curtains in your warehouse or business. The first is heat retention; this refers to the passive partitioning of air currents and heat levels between rooms. Oftentimes, heated air can escape one room into the outside or another, colder space, causing the heater to have to work harder to maintain an ideal temperature for personnel or product. Imagine a warehouse where product needs to be kept cold, but the rest of the warehouse must be warm enough for shopping; strip door curtains can allow workers and customers to move freely from one room to another while maintaining the cooler temperature where necessary. This saves any business money in the long run, since the heater will run less often. Thus lowering the amount of electricity used.

The second benefit of vinyl strip curtains is their physical presence, which acts as a block against dust, bugs, or other small pollutants or particles that can come in from the outside. Strip door curtains can be great barriers against small contaminants but maintain worker and customer movement to and from the outside or between rooms in a warehouse.

Industries That Can Benefit from Vinyl Strip Curtains

Many industries can take advantage of the great benefits strip curtains have to offer. Places like warehouses, factories, grocery stores, and storage facilities all generally have high in-and-out traffic and have to maintain a comfortable temperature over a large space. Strip door curtains assist with both of these issues, and are thus ideal solutions for businesses seeking to lower energy use and save money from the power bill.

What Are the Ideal Applications for Strip Door Curtains?

Vinyl strip curtains can be set up between rooms where the temperature must vary greatly: for instance, the cold, refrigerated back rooms of a grocery store could be separated from the customer-filled shopping lobby by strip door curtains. This would allow workers to move to and from their duties while keeping temperatures ideal for customer comfort.

Too many businesses lose out on great savings and smart energy choices, when they could install strip curtains and start their saving today.