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Poly Liners & Sheets for Corrugated Seafood Boxes

Polyethylene liners available to fit all our stock corrugated seafood boxes and bulk totes. Manufactured in compliance with FDA food standards.

These clear liners are made in both gusseted and lay-flat styles for frozen export and fresh shipments.

Poly divider and liner sheets available in various sizes and colors upon request.

11 Products
  • 7258112 – Gusseted Halibut Tote Liner
  • 5042108-CLEAR – Gusseted 41″ High Tote Liner
  • 5042100-CLEAR – Gusseted 34″ High Tote Liner
  • 504290-CLEAR – Gusseted 30″ High Tote Liner
  • 5043-CLEAR – Flat 80# Fresh Shipper Liner
  • 4025-CLEAR – Flat 25# Fresh Shipper Liner
  • 381633-CLEAR – Gusseted 100# Poly Export Box Liner
  • 311630-CLEAR – Gusseted 50# Poly Export Box Liner
  • 241628-CLEAR – Gusseted 20# Poly Crab Section Box Liner
  • 171125-CLEAR – Gusseted 10# Poly IQF Box Liner
  • 171118-CLEAR – Gusseted Small Poly IQF Box Liner