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Lift Tables


Repetitive bending, lifting and reaching can be hard on the body and lead to worker fatigue, injuries, and product damage.

Industrial Scisssor Lift Tables & Tilt Tables bring the level and location of the top of load closer to the person doing the work. Pallet loading and unloading time can be reduced by 40%, resulting in improved material handling productivity, increased efficiency and reduction in potential work injuries, all adding to your bottom line.

They are perfect for use in manufacturing, processing and distribution applications where product is being handled on pallets.

  • Optimus LK - Hydraulic Lift Tables
  • CompacLift - Hydraulic Lift Tables
  • LX Series LoProfile Hydraulic Lift Table
  • BX & BXB Mobile Lift Tables
  • ESX Self Leveling Mobile Lift Tables
  • LV Hydraulic Skid Lift Table
  • UniLift Pallet Positioner / Transporter
  • EZ Loader Pallet Positioner Lift Table
  • EZ Up Pneumatic Lift Table
  • EZ Off Lifter Pallet Positioner