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Stretch Wrappers

Our high-quality Stretch Wrappers help you ship goods quickly and safely by reducing potential product damage and separation during shipment or storage. Pallet wrapping machines secure products tighter and more consistently than preparing items for shipment or storage by hand. They work quickly and use fewer resources due to automatic stretching features.

DACO maintains a large inventory of packaging equipment and supplies to meet any storage or handling need. Choose from various types of stretch wrapping equipment, such as pallet wrappers, turntables, portable and hand pallet wrappers, hand holders, and film knives.


Tower Turntable Wrapping Machines

Tower turntable wrapping machines simplify packaging operations to lower labor requirements and keep processes within budget as you prepare and protect products for shipping. Our tower turntable pallet wrappers feature:

  • Various speed options
  • Semi-automatic, automatic, fully automatic, and 250% pre-stretch type availabilities
  • 80” to 100” wrap heights

Rotating Arm Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Rotating arm pallet wrappers from DACO allow you to quickly wrap conveyed loads, improving cost efficiency, workflow, and productivity. Our high-quality rotating arm shrink wrap machines feature many options and benefits, such as:

  • Semi-automatic rotary arms
  • 85” wrap height
  • Ability to wrap 20-30 loads per hour

Turnable Pallet Stretch Wrap Machines

When budget is a primary concern, our turnable pallet stretch wrap machines are an excellent option. These turnable wrappers eliminate the need to walk around your loads and manually wrap your product. You place your goods on the turnable, stay stationary, and allow the wrapper machine to do the work. Other features and options include:

  • Profile options include low profile, HD low profile, and high profile
  • Speeds from 0 rpm to 12 rpm
  • Many available models

Accessories for Pallet Wrapping Machines

Expand your automatic shrink wrap capabilities by including accessories for your pallet wrapper. Our stretch wrap machine accessories include scales to maintain accuracy and entry/exit ramps to increase workplace safety during use.

Why Use Stretch Wrapper Machines?

Stretch wrapping is one of the most versatile, useful, and cost-effective methods of securing products during shipping. Choosing to stretch wrap your products by purchasing a machine from DACO Corp comes with many advantages, including:

  • Stabilized loads against loosening during shipment vibrations
  • Reduced product damage
  • Decreased labor and material costs
  • Reduced chance of injuries
  • And many others.

Applications for Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines

When you need to secure pallet loads for storage or shipping, pallet wrapping machines are an efficient solution for holding loads together. Our pallet wrapping machines can be used for:

  • Palletizing
  • Bundling
  • Roll and reel securing
  • Product protection
  • And much, much more!