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We offer a variety of Plastic, Aluminum and Metal Dollies that can be used with some of our hand held plastic bins, allowing you to easily and more ergonomically move stacks of them at a time, from location to location.

Choose from a variety of sizes, some of which are made to fit specific models of reusable containers, such as Chillpacs, Bakery Trays, and BF Series Bulk Containers.

8 Products
  • DYJM4229052S – Steel Dolly for BF4229 Bulk Container
  • DYJM484405S – Steel Dolly for BF4844 Bulk Container
  • DYJM221905A-PUP-SS – Aluminum Dolly for ChillPac / Chill Tray
  • DYJM3027052A-PUP-SS – Aluminum Dolly for ChillPac / Chill Tray
  • DY282305M5 – Plastic Dolly for 28×22 Bakery Trays
  • DYJM302703S-PUP-SS – Steel Dolly for Bakery Tray
  • DYJM4845062S – Steel Dolly
  • Grit Guard Bucket Dolly


Aluminum Dollies

With a carrying capacity of 1,000 pounds, these dollies are built strong and reliable. Choose from our standard or alumnium dolly with brakes.

Steel Dollies

We offer steel dollies sized for either our BF container series, or bakery trays. Carrying capacities range from 1,000 – 1,800 pounds depending on the size and model.

Plastic Dollies

Designed with bakery trays in mind, we offer volume discounts on our plastic dolly line of products.