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Air Curtains

Air curtains are some of the best ways to save energy and protect your business from heat exchange and incoming contaminants. They’re simple, practical additions that can be added to many businesses at low cost, resulting in great energy savings over time, not to mention the benefit to anyone inside your business; keeping an even temperature is good for everyone.

These helpful air curtains are mounted above your doors /doorways, then blast a concentrated jet of air down as the door opens to admit customers and employees. This air creates a pocket from which hot or cold air doesn’t transfer, preserving the internal temperature of your business. In addition, the gust of air is great at keeping out bugs or dust outside.

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Advantages of Air Curtains

  • Energy Savings – save energy year round by providing a thermal barrier, stopping drafts and reducing infiltration of outdoor air into heated or air conditioned areas.
  • During the winter, cold drafts are minimized and warm air is circulated from the ceilings. During the summer, hot, humid air is kept out while circulation eliminates hot spots and humidity build-up.
  • Improved Environment – an air curtain is designed to prevent elements from entering your building at open doorways to protect your customers or employees.
  • Increased Safety – Allows easy access through openings, increasing safety.
  • Quick Return on Investment – they pay for themselves, often in less than two years, in energy cost savings alone.

Industries That Can Benefit From Air Curtains

All types of businesses can benefit in one way or another from the installation of air curtains. Grocery stores or cafes, for instance, need air curtains to prevent the spread of certain insects that love to nest and grow inside food products. Warehouses and factories can use air curtains to keep their internal temperature cool despite the heat outside, which is crucial for workers performing a lot of physical labor. And businesses or offices can use air curtains for both of these issues. Altogether, no matter what the business, air curtains offer great benefit.

What Are the Ideal Applications for Air Curtains?

Air curtains are great when used at entrance or exit doors, where foot traffic is the biggest and the doors are open the longest. These places are the spots where most hot or cold air is lost from the inside; they’re the biggest energy sinks in most businesses. And since the doors are open, this is where most bugs get in, too. Placing air curtains in these high-profile areas is the best way to implement them.

Internally, they are best used over doorways to rooms that maintain a different temperature than the rest of the facility to help keep cold or warm air from entering areas you don’t want it to.

Overall, air curtains are investments that pay for themselves as soon as they save a business energy. Instead of wasting another day with doors that aren’t properly protected, find out how your business can benefit from air curtains and their effective methods.