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Poly & Paper Bags

Plastic Fish Bags

Our polyethylene, laminated and co-extruded fish bags are manufactured in compliance with FDA approved food standards. Wicketed bags allow for ease of loading and facilitate packing.

Our poly woven bags made of woven polyethylene material laminated to a layer of paper which provides a super strong bag that is virtually tear-proof. These bags are even lighter weight than multiwall paper material, thus saving on load space and freight costs.

Multiwall Paper Bags

Multiwall paper bags, made from multiple layers of paper sometimes bonded to a thin layer of high density polyethylene, provide a cost-effective alternative to a corrugated box. Used primarily for pan-frozen fish blocks and surimi, these heavy-duty bags are lightweight yet durable and can be printed in multiple colors. Available in white or kraft.

Both multiwall paper and poly woven bags for block frozen seafood, fish meal or other bulk packaging needs are available in custom sizes and custom print.

Stock and custom sizes available – with our state-of-the-art printing presses, coextrusion line, reclosable Zip-Guard® bag, and art department, we can offer you the finest in retail/point of purchase packaging.

4 Products
  • FB1548-2.5MIL-CLEAR – 15+ lb. Poly Fish Bag
  • FL15-120036-CLEAR – 9-15 lb. Poly Fish Bag
  • FL12-095030-CLEAR – 6-9 lb. Poly Fish Bag
  • FL15-008028-CLEAR – 4-6 lb. Poly Fish Bag