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Plastic Buckets

Our food grade Plastic Buckets and Pails are FDA approved and made from high-density polyethylene to offer enhanced impact strength. Whether you’re harvesting fruit, storing food, or scrubbing the deck, we offer durable plastic buckets, wall brackets, and grit guard dollies for all your application needs. With over 50 years of experience, DACO is an expert in the area of storage & handling.

We are committed to helping you find the convenient solutions you’re looking for at prices you can afford. Our selection of plastic buckets are approved for food use, HACCP color coded, and available in a range of sizes, including the popular 5 gallon white bucket. Click into any of the products below to view additional details and add to your cart. Contact us with any questions.

10 Products
  • 5686 – Remco Food Grade 3 Gallon Plastic Bucket / Pail
  • 5688 – Food Grade 1.5 gallon Plastic Bucket / Pail
  • 5692 Remco Food Grade Plastic Bucket / Pail – 5.28 gallon
  • 5DM – Food Grade 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket / Pail
  • 5LTB – Lid for 5DM Plastic Bucket / Pail
  • 5687 – Lid for 5686 Plastic Bucket / Pail
  • 5689 – Lid for 5688 Plastic Bucket / Pail
  • 5693 – Lid for 5692 Plastic Bucket / Pail
  • 16200 – Stainless Steel Wall Bracket for 5688 & 5686 Plastic Buckets / Pails
  • Grit Guard Bucket Dolly


Wholesale Food Storage Buckets with Lid & Handle

While commonly referred to as food storage buckets, these versatile pails are not solely limited to food storage applications. Our selection is also safe for use with a variety of cleaning solvents and more. All buckets come with a handle and are available with or without a lid (sold separately). Options include:

Standard 5 Gallon Bucket

Our 5 gallon plastic buckets are nestable and stackable with multiple sealing options. These buckets are tall in height to reduce spillage and are made with reinforced ribs to maintain their shape. Our 5DM bucket is compatible with up to 190°F and is safe for freezer storage. Available with heat transfer decoration and 6 color offset print options.

Remco HACCP 1.5 Gallon, 3 Gallon, & 5 Gallon Buckets

These chemical & corrosion resistant buckets are available in all 9 HACCP colors to prevent cross-contamination in food processing applications. They are designed with a wide pouring spout, a stainless steel bail, & measured graduation marks. Compatible with temperatures ranging from 5°F to 212°F. Optional lid comes with a molded hole for hanging.

Add Convenience with a Grit Guard Bucket Dolly or Bucket Wall Bracket

Grit guard bucket dolly or bucket wall bracket are also available for select models, to add convenience to your application.

  • The grit guard dolly has wheels to allow for smooth maneuvering during washing applications. Designed for use with our standard 5 gallon bucket.
  • The wall bracket mounts on a wall to hold a bucket in an upright position during use or storage. Designed for use with our 1 gallon and 3 gallon Remco HACCP plastic buckets.