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Loading Dock Equipment

It is important that your dock area is efficient, and above all else, safe. By choosing the right Loading Dock Equipment, you are taking the first step towards controlling hazardous and costly accidents and creating a safe work environment.


Loading Dock Plates

For use with non motorized loading dock equipment, such as pallet jacks.

Loading Dock Boards

For use with motorized & non motorized loading dock equipment, such as forklifts & pallet jacks.

Loading Dock Levelers

For use with your motorized and non motorized loading dock equipment, such as forklifts and pallet jacks and are installed onto the dock as a permanent fixture and therefore cannot be moved from bay to bay.

Edge of Dock Levelers

Ideally suited for medium to high volume loading dock traffic.

Loading Dock Vehicle Restraints

Hydraulically or mechanically activated barrier that securely holds trucks to the loading dock while loading or unloading.

Safety Wheel Chocks

Designed to lock wheels in place to keep trucks from rolling while being loaded or unloaded.