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Gel Ice & Soaker Pads

Gel Ice Packs

Gel-Ice Packs are the refrigerant of choice for shippers who want longer-lasting, high performance thermal protection for valuable shipments.
They are a non-toxic, food safe, mess-free refrigerant packaged in high tensile, puncture resistant poly bags. Its superior chemistry insures long-lasting cold temperatures that outperform most cold packs in the protection of temperature-sensitive items such as fresh fish and other foods, agricultural and scientific products.

Gell-ice packs come in three standard sizes to fit your needs: .5 lb., 1.0 lb. and 1.5 lb. packs. This range of sizes provides you with the flexibility you need for your packaging requirements.

Soaker pads

Super absorbent “diapers” soak up excess moisture from fresh seafoods, meats and perishables. Used with waxed shippers and insulated containers.

4 Products
  • 54570830 – Soaker Pad
  • FGIC81000- 8 oz. Gel Ice Packs
  • FGCI81003 – 16 oz. Gel Ice Packs
  • FGCI81005 – 24 oz. Gel Ice Packs