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Fish, ice, meat, poultry, fruit, and even live bait—When it comes to DACO’s versatile line of Insulated Containers, there is no item too perishable to store. Whether used to process food at a plant or to transport products on-board a vessel, these durable containers provide excellent temperature control and protection even in the most adverse weather and usage conditions.

Commonly referred to as insulated fish totes in the fishing industry, they are a favorite choice because of their thermal properties, which help keep catch fresh and of the highest quality.


Regular Ice & Fish Totes

Regular ice totes are durable, double-walled, foam-filled containers designed to provide optimal temperature control in storage, processing, and transport. These versatile plastic bins are available in capacities ranging from 9 to 55 cubic feet. Both our bulk and “half-tote” insulated bins are frequently used in food and seafood processing as well as winery applications. Benefits include:

  • Options for wall-locking technology.
  • Rotatable & stackable.
  • Come with a drain hole & plug.
  • Open area on boxes for stenciling & serial numbers.

Polyethylene Plastic Containers

Our multi-purpose PE totes are designed to handle the most extreme conditions, year after year. Constructed of a hard polyethylene shell with a triple wall expanded polyethylene interior, these reusable containers offer all the benefits of a durable double wall container with the thermal properties of a single wall. PE totes are commonly used in the food processing industry for storing and transporting fish, meat, poultry, and pet food. Benefits include:

  • Stainless steel quality at a fraction of the price.
  • Extremely low maintenance.
  • Nestable & can be double stacked (with lid) at full capacity.
  • Available with lids, drains, & RFID tags.
  • Custom colors, graphics, & engravings available.
  • Ideal for use as fish tubs and totes for the seafood industry.

Dry Ice Totes

These polar food distribution containers are ideal for storing and transporting frozen, refrigerated, or perishable items, such as ice block and pellets, frozen food, and dairy products. These totes are available in a variety of capacities ranging from 6 to 55 cubic feet, in either chest or upright styles. Benefits include:

  • Keeps product frozen, below freezing, even without dry ice.
  • Double-wall construction provides added strength.
  • Reusable & easily repairable.
  • Smooth wall construction makes them easy to clean.
  • User-friendly loading & unloading.

Specialty Insulated Boxes & Plastic Containers

Specialty bulk insulated containers are available for applications such as defrosting or chilling, onboard handling, live transport, and frozen food and dry ice transport. Specialty models include:

  • D337 fish tote for sorting, grading, & storing products on on-board vessels.
  • DF1000SS fish tote for reducing frozen product thawing time by half.

Display Containers & Fish Totes

Often used as fish tubs, display containers are a self-contained and portable way to display your products such as seafood, produce, and beverages without the need for a mechanical refrigeration unit.

  • Keep perishables chilled and fresh without electricity.
  • Can be used indoors & outdoors.
  • Available in two models with options for sneeze guards.

Accessories for Insulated Containers

We offer a variety of insulated container accessories for optimizing usage of handling boxes, regular ice containers, and dry ice containers. Some of our accessory options include:

  • Lids & seals
  • Clamps
  • Screws & washers
  • Baffle gates & plastic divider strips
  • Drain plugs & drain plug adapters
  • Straps & handles
  • Dry ice bunkers