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Hand Held

DACO offers a variety of Hand Held Plastic Totes, Containers, & Bins to protect your products during processing, harvest, assembly, storage and distribution including specialized containers such as berry boxes, filet pans, and gear tubs.

They are available in solid, vented, nestable & stackable styles depending on your needs.  Dollies are also available for some models for easy mobility.


Advantages of Hand-Held Plastic Totes

The advantages you can gain from implementing hand-held plastic stack & nest containers into your business are only limited by your imagination.

  • Space Saving – many styles of plastics totes are stackable when full and nestable when empty, saving you valuable storage and shipping space.
  • Reusable – because these totes are made of plastic, they are reusable over and over, year after year.
  • Sanitary – smooth plastic walls allow for easy cleaning and a more sanitary environment.
  • Ventilation – some styles of plastic totes are vented on either the sides, bottom or both to allow the product inside to breath.
  • Better Organization – you’ll be able to store more material in a more organized fashion thanks to the space you’ll save by placing your product or parts into containers which can stack atop one another in sturdy, uniform sized plastics totes.

Industries That Can Benefit from Hand-Held Plastic Stack & Nest Containers

Many industries can make use of the varieties of hand-held plastic totes. Any business that needs a lot of storage space will be able to save money by storing their product within stackable, modular crates.

Potential industries that might benefit include:

  • Agricultural industries: those who work the land to make food can make use of plastic totes for their crops or for tools they use every day. Many crops are small in nature and it makes the use of a smaller container more reasonable and effective. These plastic bins are perfect for crops such as strawberries, mushrooms, asparagus, and many others.
  • Bakeries or Restaurants: Food storage is incredibly important, and if you store it poorly, food product or ingredients will often go bad. Storing your ingredients in safe plastic totes or bins is a good way to protect goods.
  • Fishing industries: transportation of fish, shellfish, geoduck, and other creatures in these containers will make it easier for loading and stacking as well as the workers grabbing and lugging them around. There are even plastic baskets suited for fish egg sorting.
  • Automotive businesses: many auto shops have a lot of small parts and pieces which need organization. Since there are so many different pieces that can go into a car, organizing all of the ones in your business into types or collections can speed up your retrieval time and help you keep a good inventory count.
  • Gardening/Outdoor stores: Just like with farmers, seeds for gardeners are often targeted by pests. You can store seeds and even soil in good, dry containers. Tools can be stored in small sheds more efficiently, too, preventing them from becoming damaged in bad weather.

Ideal Applications for Hand Held Plastic Totes

Storage and product handling are the primary applications for hand-held stack and nest containers and the like. You can store and handle your goods more easily by placing them in easily-retrievable bins that can stack atop one another. Thinking out side the box can offer creative ways to incorporate a hand-held container to better organize your facility or processes.

Grab Your Hand-Held Stack & Nest Containers Today!

Don’t wait; you’ll save yourself time and money by grabbing a good set of hand-held plastic totes today. No matter what your profession or industry, you can make use of the extra space, better organization and improved product handling these containers will afford you. Call us today and we’ll help find you the right set!