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Attached Lid

These Attached Lid Stack & Nest Containers (also referred to as FliPaks) were designed to reduce product damage, improve efficiencies and maximize storage space.  Their attached hinged lids split in the middle and fold down the sides so they will nest when empty; and when closed, allow them to nest, saving valuable floor space.

These attached lid containers are also available in many other sizes to fit your specific needs.

6 Products
  • AC211509 – Attached Lid Stack & Nest Container
  • AC21151202 – Attached Lid Stack & Nest Container
  • AR201207 – Attached Lid Stack & Nest Container
  • AR242012 – Attached Lid Stack & Nest Container
  • AR271712 – Attached Lid Stack & Nest Container
  • AS282115 – Attached Lid Stack & Nest Container


Ideal Areas of Use for Attached Lid Containers:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Floors
  • Truck Trailers for shipping
  • Back Rooms of Retail Outlets

Features & Benefits of Attached Lid Containers:

  • Injection-molded HDPE construction resists impact, moisture and most chemicals.
  • These flipak containers stack with lids closed and nest with lids open.
  • Easy to clean, smooth interiors.
  • Reusable containers with ergonomic handles allow for easy lifting.
  • Temperature range of use from -20˚ to 120˚ F.
  • Many options available for customization and identification.
  • 100% recyclable.