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EZ Up Pneumatic Lift Table

These low maintenance, ergonomic Pneumatic Scissor Lift Tables are hydraulically air driven versus electrically driven, making them the ideal choice when the risk of sparks could be hazardous in your work area.

These pneumatic lift tables are available with or without a rotating top and pedestal valve stand.

3 Products
  • EZU-15-R – EZ Up Stainless Steel Pneumatic Scissor Lift Tables (Round Platform)
  • EZU-15-R – EZ Up Pneumatic Lift Tables (Round Platform)
  • EZU-15 – EZ Up Pneumatic Scissor Lift Tables (Rectangle Platform)


Features & Benefits of EZ UP Pneumatic Scissor Lift Tables:

  • Made of heavy duty structural steel construction with sturdy base frame and powder coat finish.
  • Platform is raised and lowered by Firestone Airstroke Actuator to vertically position the load to the height needed.
  • Standard with hand or foot control.
  • 3 position hand lever controls for easy operation.
  • Entrapped rollers provide extra stability.
  • Maintenance bars are hinged.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Rotating top model features a secured center pivot with ball bearings that allow for smooth, steady rotation.
  • Can be easily relocated with use of fork lift.