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POSTED IN: HACCP Solutions 02/19/2021

Whether you work in the fast-food industry, a factory, or even the cleaning business, color-coded tools are the first step to preventing cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria. There’s a reason why most businesses, especially ones requiring the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCAP) Program, should be investing in high-quality color-coded tools.

The bottom line is color-coding your processes reduces the risk for cross-contamination, the spread of bacteria and helps create a user-friendly workplace. There’s no better way to separate your processes than to ensure you have hygienic, Remco color-coded HACCP tools such as dustpans, shovels, and squeegees. That way, employees can see what they are supposed to be using the tool for; this simplifies training and leaves less room for critical mistakes.


Cross-contamination is when bacteria and other microorganisms are left behind on a surface and transferred to another. This can happen easily through many shared processes including: using shared containers and cutting boards to cleaning tools and more.

Cross-contamination can be life-threatening. Contaminants such as food waste, animal waste, and hazardous chemicals may become more dangerous when they come in contact with surfaces where they don’t belong. Cross-contamination can be as simple as a potentially life-threatening food allergen being spread at a restaurant from being stored in the wrong containers. When processes are color-coded, for example, having different colored plastic scoops for multiple tree nuts, it becomes easy to remember what scoop touched which food allergen.

Stop the spread of bacteria by having color-coded tools at your business. For example, it is important to have different colors for your meat and seafood food hoes. That way, every employee knows where that tool was used; the Remco color-coded HACCP tools can be labeled by color for their specific animal product. Another great idea for color-coded processes is color-coded storage. The color of a tool may signify where it’s stored by labeling each storage area by its specific color.


Imagine a business with zero hazards because even the new employee knows which cleaning tool to use when and where to store it. This can be achieved with color-coding your processes. As long as the new employee can learn that one color represents one type of chemical or organic material, they can learn to avoid cross-contamination at the workplace.

Colors are an easy way to train: they indicate a visual representation of the invisible contaminant. Without color-coded processes, the sharing of tools at your place of business can easily contribute to cross-contamination. Unless you’re careful, bacteria can be spread to the point of becoming a safety hazard. That’s why color-coding with Remco color-coded HACCP tools is an easy way to solve a problem that has the potential to become complicated.


It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you want to start color-coding the processes at your business, Remco color-coded HACCP tools from DACO Corp are an easy solution. There’s no use playing around with safety when you can purchase DACO tools that are trustworthy and user-friendly.

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