Air Curtains & Strip Doors Help Keep the Heat at Bay

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Investing in effective systems to maintain climate control and keep unwanted contaminants out is critical to every type of business. Air curtains and strip doors can be used to manage heat exchange and cleanliness in a wide range of facilities.

What Is an Air Curtain and How Do They Work?

Air Curtains are a cost-effective solution to reducing energy costs and pay for themselves in two years. Air Curtains provide a non-physical barrier with a blast of air as doors are opened to allow people, and even vehicles, to enter a building. The jet of air that is generated creates a pocket, or curtain, of air that doesn’t allow exterior temperatures to transfer and also keeps outside contaminants such as bugs or debris from entering the facility.

Since there is no physical barrier, like with PVC Curtains, Air Curtains are ideal for any public buildings such as hospitals, offices, retail stores, and restaurants. Air curtains are also effective in distribution centers, factories, warehouses, and other commercial facilities that utilize loading docks and overhead doors, or that may require climate or bug control.

What Types of Air Curtains Are Available?

DACO sells Air Curtains in a range of sizes and styles. They are easy to mount onto most any entry point, can be built-in flush with ceilings as well, and can be customized for commercial, retail, and office settings.

Bug Control

If keeping insects and contaminants out is your goal, the BCE and BCT Bug Control models come in varying lengths and are effective in creating an eight to ten-foot air curtain, respectively.

Oversized and Extra High Door Air Curtains

The EHD Air Curtain and BPA Air Curtain models are made for commercial and industrial facilities with large overhead doors or high ceilings. The EHD model comes in 16 sizes and creates a 22-foot air curtain. The BPA model has a powerful air handling system that creates a 30-foot air curtain to maintain a clean and consistent climate.

DACO offers several models made for commercial and industrial facilities with large overhead doors and/or high ceilings. Models come with a range of sizes and handling systems that create different lengths of air curtains.

  • BPA - Extra High Door (30 foot)
  • EHD - Extra High Door (22 foot)
  • ETD - Climate Control (8-12 foot)
  • THS - Climate Control (8-12 foot)
  • TSD - Dock and Large Openings (17 foot)

Mounted Customer Entrance Air Curtains

Air Curtains can be mounted to your existing retail, office, drive-thru and/or commercial space without renovations and downtime. Made from stainless steel casing, mounted customer entrance air curtains feature unheated and electric, steam and hot water heated forced air handling options with a range of air curtain length from 7 to 11 feet.

DACO also offers Flush Mounted Customer Entrance Air Curtains that blend into your building’s entrance. This is a great option to consider during new construction and renovations. Flush Mounted (CHD and CLD) models generate 11 and 14-foot curtains, respectively.

What Are Strip Doors Made Out of And How Can They Help My Facility?

Strip Door Curtains are an economical option to enhance the energy efficiency and cleanliness of your facility. Made from PVC material, strip door curtains create a physical separation between spaces that helps maintain climate control and keeps contaminants like bugs out.

Strip doors are hung from the ceiling of any commercial or industrial interior and allow people and forklifts to pass through without shedding energy. DACO sells Bulk Roll PVC Material and PVC Strip Curtain Systems as well as Strip Door solutions for Data Centers and Clean Rooms.

The Bottom Line?

If your business isn’t using air curtains or strip doors to help improve your facility’s energy efficiency, you are wasting money. DACO offers cost-effective solutions for any type of operation or building.

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