Air Doors & Strip Curtains Are Excellent At Helping With Air Quality Control

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Does your business need a better system for insulating its building? Whether you’re a business that does a lot of shipping and receiving or you’re a retail store with large entrances, exposing your indoor environment to the outdoor elements frequently can result in inconsistent internal building temperature, indoor air contamination, and unwanted flying pests.

According to the EPA indoor air quality guidelines, there are a number of different ways to improve your indoor air quality: control the source of the problem, improve ventilation, and utilize air cleaners. Air doors and strip curtains are two-fold: they help control unwanted outside elements such as dust and flying pests, from entering your building, as well as helping to maintain a consistent temperature inside your facility.

Your business can take action to improve its indoor air quality, and the changes that you make don’t have to be expensive. If you haven’t been utilizing air doors or strip curtains to improve indoor air quality control during business hours, you’re missing out.

Benefits Of Air Doors & Strip Curtains For Air Quality Control

No matter what type of business you are, you can improve your air quality control with air doors and strip curtains. They help keep out unwanted pests, control pollutants and improve your building’s internal temperature — all resulting in better indoor air quality and temperature at a reasonable cost.

Keep Out Unwanted Pests

When you have large doors in your facility, you are exposed to a wide range of pests. Especially when the weather is warm, you need to implement tactics to control your building’s exposure to unwanted pests. Air doors and strip curtains are custom-made and tailored to your doorways.

Whether your business has a building that operates many large loading docks or you are a retail store that needs to control exposure to pests in its entrances, you can have the peace of mind that unwanted bugs, birds, insects, and beyond are going to stay out with the help of affordable, effective air doors and strip curtains.

Fewer Pollutants

Pollutants are a major problem that greatly attributes to poor indoor air quality. When you aren’t utilizing methods to seal yourself from outdoor contaminants, you risk affecting your indoor air environment. As a business, you want to make your employees and vendors comfortable in your building. When you make changes to control your indoor air pollution, you invest in their success and yours.

Improved Internal Temperature

Consistent internal temperature means more comfort – along with better indoor air quality. With air doors and strip curtains installed in your building, you’ll be able to effectively maintain the temperature and comfort while you are receiving shipments and shipping out. This will also lower your energy bills and save your business money.

Get Help With Your Indoor Air Quality Today

DACO is here to help provide smart solutions for your business’ needs. We’re here to answer any questions you have about air doors and strip curtains and how they can help improve your facilities working environment.

To get help with utilizing them for your business, send a message now or call 877-764-0453 today! Be sure to also like us on Facebook to stay in touch.

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