Are Your Cold Storage Areas Having A Hard Time With The Summer Heat?

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The summer brings additional challenges for a business. The increase in temperature makes operating a climate-controlled business area a more significant challenge. Air curtains are a terrific way to keep your facilities at the required temperatures without raising your air conditioning utility bills. They offer a company a cost-effective way to maintain cost-efficient operations during the summer months and beyond.

Advantages Of Using Air Curtains

During the summer, air curtains help businesses save money on your power bills. You don’t have to worry about the heat causing your air conditioner to work harder. Your already installed air curtains over door openings, ensure a consistent temperature in your facility by now allowing the outside hot air enter your facility. These curtains are essential in climates with high humidity or rapidly changing temperatures. Some areas of the country can see wide fluctuations in temperature during the course of one day. These curtains help keep the workplace temperature stable and take the pressure off of your AC unit.

Another advantage to air curtains is keeping your workspace free of airborne contaminants. These curtains help prevent dust, insects and other airborne pollutants, from entering the workspace. A safe and clean workspace will help improve employee morale and keep them healthier at work.

A business owner can rest easy about the investment made in an air curtain. They are quite affordable to purchase and install and can make a significant difference in a company’s energy bills. The amount of the curtain and the installation will be nominal compared to the savings your company will see in their utility bills. You will recoup your money quite quickly.

Where Should Air Curtains Be Installed To Provide The Biggest Benefits?

An air curtain will best serve you if installed above your traffic doorways. Those doors are the ones that are opened the most frequently and will stay open the longest. These areas are the most susceptible to temperature shifts, so air curtains will provide you the most bang for your buck in these areas.

There are also areas inside your facility that can benefit from air curtains. Rooms in your warehouse that have two varying temperatures are also ideal places for an air curtain. Using air curtains in those areas also helps with energy savings by helping with temperature control. It’s no different from using them over exterior doors and provides a similar benefit to your bottom line.

Industries That Can Benefit From Using Air Curtains

Any company that needs to control internal building temperatures can use an air curtain. Imagine places such as restaurants, grocery stores. Both of those buildings have rooms that need to be much colder than the rest of the building. Air curtains help these facilities keep their rooms at varying temperatures. Retail store entrances are also a great place to install them.

Evaluate your needs and look at your power bills. If you have doorways that could use climate control, consider adding air curtains to your facility.

Invest In DACO Air Curtains For Your Facility

Contact DACO today to learn more about how air curtains can help your business improve its energy bills. Our sales team can set up a consultation to see which curtains fit your needs. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news from our company.

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