The Beginners Guide to Choosing a Handle for Your HACCP Tool System

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HACCP compliance is crucial for your business. This program helps a company maintain sanitation standards and avoid cross-contamination in the workplace. Choosing the right tools is vital for ensuring that you meet the HACCP standards. One of the decisions you will need to make is picking the best handle for your products. The type of handle you use can impact the ability of your employees to do their job. Remco handles can add the most value to your tools and while allowing you to meet HACCP standards.

What is HACCP?

HACCP stands for hazard analysis critical control point. This acronym encompasses a management system seen in the food safety industry. The goal of this program is to prevent hazards (like chemical or biological hazards) from getting into the food production chain. Steps are taken to look for and remove these risks during the chain of production. While they are only one step in the process, the tools you use to help you meet these standards are essential.

Industries that Use HACCP

One of the primary industries that adheres to HACCP standards is the food industry. This industry uses these programs and tools to eliminate the chances for cross-contamination of bacteria. These requirements are used in all steps of the food processing journey. Any industry that has a multi-step process for their product and is at high risk for cross-contamination would benefit from HACCP standards and tools.

Benefits of Using Remco Handles for Your HACCP Tools

Remco handles are perfectly designed to fit the Remco tools that you use in your facility. These handles fit Vikan tools as well. They offer many benefits for a company in their quest to stay HACCP compliant. Handles may be color-coded to show what their function is in your facility. You can also select the material needed that best suits your needs. You can also pick handles that help make your tools longer so you can get a better reach or angle for use.

Materials Used for HACCP Tool Handles

There are multiple materials to choose from when it comes to tool handles. Each one offers different benefits based on what industry it is being used in. Here are the materials you can choose from:

  • Polypropylene- this is a type of plastic. This type of plastic is flexible and can be made from recycled materials. It is known for being very easy to clean. When used in tool handles, that ease of cleaning can come in handy.
  • Aluminum- this is a very lightweight metal. It is also easy to recycle and is non-toxic. This material can stand up to the cold, is easy to clean, and will withstand corrosion.
  • Fiberglass- this is another type of plastic, but this one is reinforced with glass fibers and combined with resin. This material is known for its strength and its insulating properties. It is also known for being durable.
  • Stainless Steel- this type of steel is very easy to clean. It is also able to resist corrosion and is quite durable.

Based on what kind of tool you want to add a handle to will help guide what material you will select. If your cleaning tools get dirty a great deal, a handle made of easy to clean material will be paramount.

Types of Remco Handles

Just like there is more than one kind of material for your Remco handles, there is also more than one style of handle. The style of handle you need will depend on the kind of task or tool you are using it with. There are four handle varieties to choose from.

  • Water-fed- this type of handle is ideal if you are passing water through a device or tool and need to expand your reach
  • Ergonomic - these sleeves go over the handle of your tools and make them more ergonomically friendly
  • Telescoping- these handles help extend your tool and make it longer so you can clean harder to reach areas
  • Color-coded- in food service, it is common to color code tools and only use specific colors in specific areas. These handles come in a wide variety of colors, so you can keep your tools separate and limit cross-contamination.

Let DACO Be Your Source for Remco Handles

Contact DACO to learn more about our inventory of Remco handles. Our sales team can make sure you find the right ones to work with your HACCP tool system. Contact us today to learn more and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest company updates.

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