Benefits Of Insulated Fish Totes

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In order to run a successful seafood processing business, your seafood has to be fresh and clean, you’ve got to be able to store a lot at one time, and you have to move it quickly. Insulated fish totes are an integral part of any seafood company’s success. The totes come in various sizes and weight capacities, allowing you to store and transport both ice and your fish. A good tote can keep ice frozen for several days, is durable, and versatile, and it allows you to transport your fish in a timely manner.

Insulated Fish Totes Can Hold Large Amounts Of Fish And Ice

These totes are not like recreational coolers that the average person may take on fishing trips. Large fish totes can vary tremendously in size. The capacities can range between 9 to 55 cubic feet. This ensures that your fish is stored in a fresh, spacious environment. DACO offers insulated fish totes that hold at least 17 gallons and as much as 2,200 pounds. Smaller insulated containers are perfect for storing in smaller spaces, and their size makes it easier to move by hand.

The Totes Are Made To Last

There are several features that make fish totes durable. Double walls contribute to the sturdiness and help maintain temperatures within the container. When you’re dealing with large containers of fresh food, the more insulation, the better.

Sanitation is another issue seafood businesses face when storing and moving fresh fish. Meat and seafood products can go bad quickly if they are not stored in a cool, sanitized environment. Smooth walls make cleaning the container easier.

The Insulating Foam Can Keep The Fish Cold For Days

Foam is an amazing insulator because it is full of tiny holes that can trap gases and make heat conduction ten times harder. Loosely-bonded molecules reduce the rate at which heat can be transferred. The double walls aid in maintaining cool temperatures within the container, and generally, ice can last between three and seven days within the cooler.

The material used to create the fish tote can protect against UV rays and extreme weather conditions that could threaten the integrity of your products, and it’s made with FDA/USDA food approved materials.

Invest In A DACO Insulated Fish Tote

DACO provides quality insulated fish totes for reasonable prices. Insulated fish totes are an efficient way to store and move your seafood. It will stay fresh and safe during transport, and the pricing and quality of DACO fish totes save you stress and money! To find out more about the totes that we offer, you can contact us here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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