How Can Wire Security Cages & Mesh Partitions Benefit Your Business?

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As many companies are discovering, one of the biggest causes of loss comes from inside your company. Nobody wants to think about their employees stealing from them, but it’s a sad reality of our modern world. If your business needs a secure storage area, DACO is no stranger to your needs. We’re experts in wire security cages and partitions, protecting your business from unnecessary losses.

What Are Wire Security Cages and Wire Mesh Partitions?

Wire security cages and wire mesh partitions are locked-in areas within your company’s warehouse. They provide a secure area for storing sensitive products, particularly the ones you need to protect from internal theft. There’s a small difference between these two structures. A wire security cage is heavy-duty but has relatively large holes between the thick cage bars. A wire mesh partition is slightly lighter, but has a much denser grid of wires, preventing the loss of even very small items.

Benefits of Wire Security Cages & Partitions

As we said, nobody wants to think that their employees may be stealing from them. We business owners appreciate our employees and want them to succeed. But we live in an imperfect world, and sometimes bad people slip through even the most thorough background checks. By adding a secure cage to your warehouse or receiving area, you can create a safe place for valuable products, preventing people from stealing products that are particularly valuable. The benefits of this should be obvious. By reducing shrink, you’ll improve your profit margin. Not only will this benefit your business directly, but it will also pay off over the long haul. With a higher profit margin, you’ll be able to lower prices, gaining a key advantage over the competition. Not only that, but these types of cages can also lower your liability. If you store or sell hazardous material, keeping those products secure will protect your employees and customers from accidental injury. This is a benefit for them, but it’s also a benefit for you; you’ll be less exposed to liability.

Ideal Business Applications for Security Cages

Not only are our cages and partitions a good idea for private businesses, but they’re also useful for law enforcement and military sites. One popular application is for evidence storage, or for the lockup of narcotics. Government agencies are under increasing pressure to protect these items from theft, and you can keep them safe by locking them in a controlled cage. Another advantage of these partitions is that they don’t block off access to an entire warehouse. If you have a large storage area and only a small amount of sensitive material, installing a wire mesh partition can be considerably cheaper than installing more walls and security doors.

Take Control of Your Inventory With Wire Mesh Cages & Partitions

If you have found yourself facing issues with missing product, security cages could be a reasonable solution. There are many benefits to implementing these structures into your operations and we are confident you will not regret the decision. Do you have other warehouse needs and would like to learn more? For more information on our cages, and what we can do for your business, contact us on our website. Alternatively, you can call us at (877)-764-0453. Follow and like us on our Facebook page!
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