Color-Coded Tools To Help Keep You HACCP Compliant

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All companies that run the risk of cross-contamination of their products will benefit from using color-coded tools that are HACCP compliant. HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.” The HACCP program is designed to prevent food-borne illnesses and increase safety in the restaurant, catering, and other food-related industries. If you decide to implement color-coded tools in your HACCP program, you can have peace of mind knowing that food safety will be at the forefront of your manufacturing and distribution processes.

What Does It Mean To Be HACCP Compliant?

When your company is HACCP compliant, it simply means that you are taking steps to ensure that food safety protocols are implemented in your processing, warehouses, and distribution centers. Biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production to consumption of the finished product are addressed and analyzed for food safety through the HACCP program.

The top four industries that heavily rely on HACCP programs are dairy, juice, retail and food services, and seafood. Due to these industries working with raw materials, cross-contamination can occur if the proper steps are not followed.

There are seven steps to rolling out an effective HACCP compliant program:

  1. Analyzing potential hazards within your business.
  2. Determining the critical control points.
  3. Establishing critical limits.
  4. Put monitoring procedures in place.
  5. Take corrective measures.
  6. Verify your procedures.
  7. Create record-keeping and documentation procedures.

HACCP is designed for use in all steps of the food industry to ensure high-quality products that are not contaminated with substances that are harmful to human or animal consumption. This means that the growing, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, distributing, merchandising, and preparing food products for consumption are closely monitored for any safety breaches.

The best and most effective way to succeed in a HACCP program is the education and training of your employees and management on producing safe foods that are free from contaminants.

Colored-Coded Tools That Help You Keep HACCP Compliant

Implementing color-coded tools into your HACCP program helps your employees follow food safety protocols much easier. For example, utilizing color-coded plastic scoops can easily inform employees which scoop is used for raw material and which one is used for a finished product. As well as, which brooms are used in what areas.

DACO supplies companies with a variety of color-coded tools ranging from plastic shovels, brushes, squeegees, mixing paddles, to wall bracket systems. We even offer aprons, gowns, and sleeves in varying colors.

All of these tools are useful in the food industry and play a part in keeping edible products safe from consumption.

Shop DACO For Color-Coded Tools That Are HACCP Compliant

We at DACO are well-aware of the importance of food safety and adhering to strict HACCP compliant programs. Using color-coded tools can increase the efficacy of your protocol and help cut down on accidental cross-contamination. Our friendly staff looks forward to helping you find the right tools for your business, so please feel free to contact us today with your questions and concerns.

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