Commercial Air Curtains are Great for Temperature Control

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A facility can have a multitude of reasons for installing commercial air curtains. These curtains offer a facility the opportunity to do many things, like creating a healthier working environment to saving money for the company. No matter what your reason, investing in these curtains will bring tremendous benefits to your company. Let’s look at the benefits that commercial air curtains can have on your facility.

What are the Ideal Places to Use a Commercial Air Curtain?

As we’ve already mentioned, air curtains are ideal for temperature control. To make sure you get the most out of your commercial air curtains, they have to be placed at the best locations in your facility. Here are some places in your building that your air curtains will make the most impact.

  • Entrance/exit
  • In between rooms that have large shifts in temperature
  • Places with a large volume of foot traffic
  • Places where the door to the outside stays open for an extended amount of time

Why is Temperature Control Important in a Commercial Facility?

In many facilities, temperature control is crucial for their goods and products. Places such as restaurants need to keep walk-in freezers at the proper temperature or risk ruining all the food stored in that freezer. Pharmaceutical facilities need to keep select rooms cold for storage purposes as well. In both of these cases, commercial air curtains are what will help maintain those cold areas.

Sometimes it isn’t even that the rooms need to be kept at a cold temperature; it’s that without a curtain, the temp in the room could fluctuate wildly. Any HVAC system you have would have to work harder to keep up with the changes in room temp. Your curtains will save you money on electric bills, plus preserve the life of your heating & cooling system.

Other Reasons to Use Commercial Air Curtains

Commercial air curtains are great at helping maintain the proper temperature in the rooms of your facility. Doing so helps keep your product in top condition, thereby saving you money. However, these curtains are beneficial for other reasons as well. For starters, when the curtains are blocking out hot air, they are also keeping out toxins or pollutants that are in the air as well.

Since these curtains can block air pollutants, they also help block any bugs and pests that could enter your facility. Blocking pollutants and bugs/pests creates a safer and healthier work environment for your employees. Happy employees are also more productive employees. That helps your bottom line.

Use DACO Commercial Air Curtains to Ensure Energy Efficiency in Your Facility

Commercial air curtains help business owners keep their buildings at a consistent temperature. They also help protect employees from pollutants and bugs/pests. All of these factors combined means a great deal of savings for the company. These curtains quickly give companies a return on their investment. Contact us today to learn more about our options, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

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