What Are Commercial Bug Zappers & How Are They Beneficial?

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Bugs are something the population has a love/hate relationship with. They may play an essential role in nature, but they can become a nuisance inside a warehouse. They can bother workers and disrupt operations in your facility. They can also contaminate your product if you are a food plant, necessitating the disposal of it. Investing in commercial bug zappers prepares your facility for these common pests, allowing you to preserve workplace conditions and your product's quality.

Types Of Bug Zappers

There are two primary types of bug zappers available on the market. These products are either the adhesive variety or the electric variety. Both use UV lights to attract the bugs into the zapper. Once into the device, they use different methods to handle the bugs.

The adhesive type traps bugs to a sticky adhesive material. The bugs can't escape and will eventually expire while stuck to the adhesive. The electric variety uses UV lights to attract insects to the zapper. It then uses an electrical current to zap the bug and end the problem.

Benefits To Installing Bug Zappers

Regardless of what type of zapper you opt to use, installing one (or more) can provide a considerable boost to your business. First and foremost, these zappers will give comfort to both workers and customers. Bugs are a nuisance. If a worker has to stop continuously to clear bugs from their work area, they lose productivity. Some insects also carry diseases.

If your facility welcomes customers (or potential customers), keeping the area free from bugs is critical for business. Just seeing bugs and pests running around your building is a huge turnoff to a customer. It sends a very poor message. Those bugs will also irritate your customers in the same way they bother your employees. It isn’t likely you will get their business.

Having an infestation of bugs, in turn, attracts other animals. Granted, those animals are there to kill and feed off the insects, so eventually they would get rid of the problem for you. But that presents another entirely different set of issues. No one wants to see hordes of other animals hanging out in their place of business. That presents an altogether different set of challenges and problems.

Additional Reasons You May Need A Bug Zapper

While bugs are a part of nature, you don't always want that nature in your warehouse as a business owner. Having bugs can lead to an infestation that could ruin your products, halt your production, and cost you vast amounts of time and money. Additionally, it may be the law that you have a bug zapper. Some local governments require that companies have them to thwart infestations.

Invest In DACO Zappers To Keep Your Facility Bug Free

DACO offers high-quality bug zappers that help our clients keep their workplaces bug free. Contact us today to learn more about our product offerings. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay current on the latest company news.

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