How Metal Shelving Can Be Customized to Fit Your Particular Application

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If you enter any warehouse or industrial facility, you are bound to see metal shelving. As many commercial industry workers will tell you, metal shelving is a vital component of just about any operation due to increased visibility and resourcefulness. Plus, this highly efficient form of shelving is entirely customizable.

Metal shelving allows you to be in control of how and where you apply it in your industrial setting as it comes in many different styles and sizes. Another perk is that it adds value to your warehouse, which is something that commercial business owners are taking advantage of all over the world.

Advantages Of Metal Shelving

For decades, metal shelving has been used in warehouses and factories to increase visibility, capitalize on space, and improve product and equipment organization. The material of the shelving is durable and strong and helps you make use of small spaces by creating otherwise unused or underutilized vertical space.

When your employees need to find equipment, parts and products quickly, metal shelving makes this possible due to increased visibility and accessibility. Retrieval is easy, convenient, safe and cuts down on time wasted. Not only is this type of shelving reliable, but it’s also stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Did you know that metal shelving is one of the most affordable storage solutions on the market? Your initial investment eventually pays for itself because of all the extra space you’ll be creating for products.

When you have a warehouse, space utilization is crucial. You want to use every nook and cranny possible, and this means the space above your head. Metal shelves can be built upward so you can take advantage of vertical space and store more products than you ever could before.

Customizable Application

Metal shelving is entirely customizable and can be designed to meet the demands of your industry. When considering this model of shelving, you can choose different styles, weight-bearing capacities, heights, colors, and whether the shelves will fill an entire room or line the walls. You can also complement your shelving with accessories like shelf bins, dividers, and drawers.

Our metal shelving is freestanding, and in many cases, does not require any back bracing or bolts, which makes your products accessible from all four sides. You can customize the look by choosing between a standard paint finish in varying colors or baked-on enamel. We also offer galvanized or zinc plated options on special order.

The most common places that customizable metal shelving is found at are warehouses, distribution centers, supply rooms, and archive record storage units.

Find the Best Metal Shelving For Your Business With DACO

Our goal at DACO is to provide you with the metal shelving that best suits the needs of your industry and warehouse. Our shelves are customizable, so you’ll always get what you want. Our staff looks forward to helping you make your facility more productive. Get in touch with us today so we can discuss your shelving options.

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