Insulated Bulk Containers: The Different Types And Uses

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Insulated bulk containers are ideal for transporting and storing goods that need to maintain a consistent temperature. These containers are also called fish totes because of their overwhelming use in the seafood industry. However, these totes can be used in any business that needs to maintain the temperature of goods during transport. Companies also get the choice of many sizes and styles to fit their specific needs.

Types Of Bulk Insulated Containers

Depending upon what industry you are in and what your need is, the kind of insulated tote you need will look different. Luckily, there are multiple options for a consumer to choose from.

Regular ice totes- These fish totes are designed to be used with regular ice and come in a wide range of sizes. These are perfect for keeping your product at a consistent temperature until it reaches its destination.

Dry ice totes-These totes are equipped to handle dry ice to protect product during transit. Even without dry ice, they can keep your product at freezing temps for long periods of time. These are perfect for transporting goods like ice cream.

Specialty totes- These kinds of totes are designed for a specific purpose like defrosting product or on-board handling of your product.

Merchandiser/display totes- These totes are perfect for a business that wants to display products and keep it chilled and fresh without using a refrigeration unit. They are reusable and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Costco uses these containers for their seafood road shows in their stores.

Reasons To Use An Insulated Bulk Container

The primary reason to use this type of container is to keep your product at a consistent temperature during transport. They are commonly used by food processors, seafood processors and wineries because of their thermal properties. These totes are designed to keep goods at their perfect temperature with or without ice. This makes these containers ideal for transporting seafood, bait, ice cream, and a large variety of foods and goods.

Another excellent reason to use this type of container is its durability. These containers are built to withstand the rigors of transport or storage in a warehouse. The safety of the product will not be in question. This is why these containers are popular in the food and pharmaceutical industry, especially the seafood business.

Who Should Use Insulated Bulk Containers

While it has been mentioned that insulated fish totes are excellent for the seafood industry, this isn’t the only business that can benefit from this kind of container. Those who ship ice cream can benefit from this type of container, as can the wine industry. While not talked about as much, the medical profession is another industry that uses the smaller sizes of the dry ice insulated containers.

Invest In DACO Insulated Bulk Containers

DACO insulated bulk containers can help a variety of businesses transport product safely and securely. These containers meet FDA and USDA standards for food storage and transport. Contact us to learn more about how our products can help improve your company’s shipping capabilities. Follow us on Facebook to see additional company updates.

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