The Different Types Of Pallet Jacks

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Are you using the proper equipment in your facility to move large pallets and products? The right equipment makes all the difference to productivity and safety in a warehouse. There’s a way to improve productivity while protecting your employees from potential injuries. The solution is pallet jacks. DACO offers different types of pallet jacks for a number of working environments. So, what are they, and what kind of pallet jack is best for your business?

What Are Pallet Jacks?

Pallet jacks work similarly to forklifts. They allow workers to lift heavy pallets and products with little effort, minimizing fatigue and reducing the back strain that often accompanies the lifting, pushing and pulling of heavy objects. This also means that pallet jacks have the potential to increase productivity because they make transport much safer and easier.

The Different Types Of Pallet Jacks

There are four main types of pallet jacks that DACO offers. Those are standard, corrosion-resistant, electric, and custom.

Standard pallet jacks are one of the most cost-effective options. They allow you to move pallets easily across the floor, from one area to the next. They are manually-operated and are pretty common in many warehouses.

DACO offers premium and standard pallet jacks that are equipped with quality hydraulic pumps with lowering valves that provide smooth descent and overload valves to prevent overloading the pallet jacks. They also have a 210-degree pivot that offers easy maneuverability.

Corrosion-resistant pallet jacks are perfect for environments that are constantly exposed to water and corrosive chemicals. This makes them perfect for transporting items such as fish, meat, and poultry because they’re not as susceptible to rust and other damage caused by wet environments. Galvanized and stainless steel make the best material for corrosion-resistant pallet jacks.

Electric pallet jacks work well for light-duty, limited space applications, including small supermarkets, cargo containers, narrow aisle racking systems, and other confined spaces. A high-strength reinforced steel frame provides rugged durability, and the high-efficiency magnetic motor requires little maintenance. This pallet jack features an onboard charger and a hand-operated electrical lift. Its safety features include emergency stop and dead-man buttons to avoid accidents.

Some traditional pallet jack designs may not work for all businesses, which are why custom pallet jacks are a great option. They allow you to create a jack that works with your warehouse size and function. Pallet truck wheel and roller options include polyurethane, nylon, steel, and rubber.

What Are The Benefits Of Pallet Jacks?

One of the most obvious benefits of pallet jacks is the potential to increase productivity. These jacks offer a quicker, easier way to transport heavy products and pallets. For workers, they provide relief from fatigue and prevent injuries such as back pain, and safety is one of the most important aspects of creating a productive facility.

Call DACO For Quality Pallet Jacks

DACO offers a variety of quality pallet jacks. Whether it’s standard, electric, corrosion-resistant, or custom jacks, we’ll help you find the perfect pallet jack for your facility. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 877-764-0453. Make sure you check out our Facebook page for all DACO news.

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