Investigating the Different Types of Packaging Equipment & Their Benefits

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How an item is packaged is one more detail a company has to deal with. How a business decides to package and ship its item will have an impact on a company's bottom line. Also, some products work better when different types of packaging materials or equipment are used. Let's look at the different types of packaging equipment and the benefits of each.

Different Types of Packaging Equipment

Just like the packages and materials that are shipped, packaging equipment is not a, “one size fits all” type of thing. Here are some of the pieces of equipment and product you will need to successfully package and ship your product.

Each item helps a company package their product and move it successfully to customers or another industrial setting.

What are the Benefits of Using These Tools?

Each one of these tools helps improve the efficiency or the bottom line in your commercial facility. Let’s look at the benefits each of these tools can bring to your shipping operation.

  • Strapping machines help secure your products into whatever container they are being shipped in. Your straps can be plastic or steel. The straps are applied either horizontally or vertically around the box and can be applied by machine or by hand. Straps provide an additional level of security by helping keep the product in its box/container.
  • Pallet wrappers help companies secure their product by applying layers of plastic around goods while they are in transit. These plastic layers help keep product loads stable and decrease the chances the product will topple inside a shipping vehicle or container. This helps reduce the risk of damage to your product. Pallet wrappers can also be done by either a machine or by hand.
  • Carton & case sealers use tape to ensure that your cartons/cases are completely taped together. These machines make sure cartons/cases are taped on both the top and bottom. By securely taping boxes shut, a business can be reassured that their product won’t fall out during transport. Carton/case sealers also save you time by reducing the amount of time and money you would have paid in manual labor.
  • Industrial scales help a company stay within any shipping weight limits and guidelines. These scales can measure items topping hundreds of pounds and handle items that are large in size as well. Using scales to check your product before it leaves your facility saves you a considerable amount of time and money. Industrial scales can be designed to handle most any product and can weigh vehicles such as trucks.

Across the board, packaging equipment provides companies with the benefits of security and a reduction in costs. A business will have fewer goods damaged during transit, and they also won’t have to pay as much in labor costs.

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