Key Elements to Consider When Looking for Insulated Containers

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Insulated containers are an optimal device for many business owners working in industries that require cold storage solutions. From produce to poultry, it’s essential to have the right types of containers to keep your products and ingredients chilled the way they should be.

At DACO, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of diverse insulated containers for your unique wants and needs. The only problem is trying to decide which type of container is right for your company.

Whether you’re looking at ice bulk insulated containers or dry ice totes, our professional team can help you determine which option is right for your commercial and industrial needs.

What Are the Benefits of Insulated Containers?

Before you dive into the specific types of insulated containers available, it helps to understand the benefits they can bring to your business.

While the most significant advantage of these containers is product protection and temperature control, they’re suitable for so much more than just this. Thanks to their double-wall construction and high-grade durability, they also improve your business's material handling operations.

These storage containers are also reusable, repairable, and feature a smooth wall construction that keeps them sanitary and clean.

How Do You Decide Which Container Is Right for Your Business?

Many of our customers assume that insulated containers are one-in-the-same; however, they all serve unique purposes and can be used in various ways. To help you determine what type of cold storage container you need, be sure to examine what each individual option has to offer.

Dry Ice Containers

Does your business specialize in frozen foods or dairy products, such as ice cream, that must be kept at below-freezing temperatures? If so, a dry ice container might be the ideal solution for your storage and transportation needs.

These sturdy containers are available in either a chest or upright style and are built from low-density polyethylene plastic for top-notch cold temperature protection.

Ice Containers

These are a popular option among seafood distributors as fish totes and also used in wineries. Not only do they provide industry-leading temperature control, but they also keep your items safe, thanks to their heavy-duty, double-wall, and foam-filled design.

Specialty Containers

Would you like a specialized insulated container that can handle all of your chilling and defrosting needs? That’s where specialty containers come in!

This impressive collection of products is primarily used on onboard vessels to sort, grade, and store seafood. They are also popular among business owners for their ability to cut thawing times in half.

Merchandise Containers

Wouldn’t it be nice to find some insulated containers that could be easily transported to events, such as farmer’s markets or vendor shows? Lucky for you, we’ve got just what you need! Our merchandise or display containers will keep your food or beverages cold while still providing flexible portability.

What Size Insulated Container Do You Need?

Before you purchase any type of insulated containers, it’s essential to consider what size product will fit your needs best. Many of our products range in size from 6-to-55 cubic feet, which allows for great versatility.

Select the Right Insulated Storage Options for Your Business

There are many different options for your business when it comes to insulated containers—picking the right one can seem like a challenge.

Thankfully, DACO is here to help! Contact our expert team of customer service agents today at 877-764-0453 to learn more about our products and gain advice about which one is right for your business. You can also fill out our easy-to-use online form to set-up a consultation.

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