Pallets, Containers, & Tools: Essentials for The Fishing & Seafood Industry

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Managing fishing and seafood facilities can be tough. It’s important that the equipment that you use lasts--are corrosion resistant and helps with temperature control. DACO has a wide range of essential products for the fishing and seafood industry.

Corrosion-Resistant Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks play a huge role in the transportation of large products and pallets. Corrosion-resistant pallet jacks come in galvanized and stainless steel that works well in cold, wet environments that can reach temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit. These pallet jacks are perfect for moving through freezers, transporting seafood, and cold storage. They are manual jacks that are pretty easy to maneuver and clean.

Bulk Containers

Bulk containers are commonly used within the meat and seafood industries. They come in a variety of sizes and designs that are either solid or vented. With any business, it’s important to conserve money where you can, and that means investing in equipment that won’t have to be replaced regularly.

Bulk containers are long-lasting and durable enough to be warp, splinter, and rust-resistant. They are cost-effective because they are easily repaired and can be used for years. These containers are relatively easy to clean and are stackable/nestable to save space. Bulk container types include:

  • BF Series
  • MACX Series
  • Versa Totes
  • Monster Bin
  • PE Series
  • Rhino
  • Sani Box
  • Multi Totes Series
  • Dura Carts

Insulated Container Fish Totes

Insulated bulk containers are made with FDA/USDA approved materials like polyethylene, because they are most commonly used in the storage and transportation of food, particularly seafood. Insulated containers are very popular among the fishing industry because of their temperature-regulating properties and are sometimes known as “fish totes.”

What’s great about these containers is that they can be used on-board or on a plant floor. Their durability and versatility make them the perfect containers for processing, transportation, and storage of fish and other seafood. Specialty bulk insulated containers are ideal for defrosting, chilling, on-board handling, live transport, and frozen or dry-ice transport.


DACO has a large selection of HACCP tools to help you keep a clean and highly productive facility. Shovels, brooms, brushes, squeegees, and aprons are just a few of the items that DACO carries. We even offer classes for HACCP and FSMA programs.


Plastic pallets work so much better than wooden pallets because they are more sanitary and eco-friendly. They’re resistant to corrosion, rust, and other damage caused by exposure to cold, moist environments that accompany most of the products produced by fishing and meat industries.

Seafood Shipping Containers

Corrugated seafood shippers are made for packing and shipping perishable food items. The seafood shipping containers are insulated and leak-proof, which makes storing and maintaining fresh seafood easier.

Utilize DACO For Your Seafood Industry Essentials

DACO has a number of essential products for the seafood and fishing industry. Whether you need insulated fish totes for storage or aprons and squeegees for cleanup, DACO has you covered. Reach out to us today to get your seafood industry essentials! Keep up with all DACO news by visiting us on Facebook.

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