Everything You Need To Know About Insulated Containers

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If you work in an industry that ships products that are temperature sensitive, shipping them in insulated containers is crucial. You have to protect your investment, and when your products arrive at their respective locations and are damaged from temperature fluctuations, you end up losing money. Choosing the right insulated bulk container will help you avoid this problem and so much more.

What Are Insulated Containers?

Available in many different sizes, insulated bulk containers are ideal for shipping a variety of products, including food, and are FDA/USDA approved. You’ll find that these containers provide adequate temperature control and protection in multiple applications.

Insulated containers are built tough and can be exposed to harsh weather conditions, in a variety of transportation modes, or on the packing plant floor. Each container is reusable, which makes them highly economical.

You’ll receive your containers ready to use, which means they are suitable for immediate processing, storage, and seafood processing. Your employees only need to fill the containers and send them on their way.

When necessary, specialty bulk insulated shipping containers are also available for applications such as defrosting or chilling, onboard handling, active transport, and the transport of frozen foods and dry ice. These containers are designed with triple wall insulation and can handle the most extreme conditions.

The Various Types Of Insulated Containers

Different types of temperature-sensitive products require unique features which is why there are a variety of insulated shipping containers available.

  • Regular Ice Totes – Food processors, seafood processors, and wineries often use these containers. They provide excellent temperature control due to the durable, double-wall, and foam-filled insulated design
  • Dry Ice Totes – Manufactured from a unique compounded-melt blend of FDA/USDA approved low-density polyethylene plastic which keeps frozen products ranging from dry ice to ice cream, frozen longer and also provides impact resistance
  • Specialty - These containers are great for onboard handling and defrosting/chilling applications. They are designed for use onboard vessels for sorting, grading, and storing seafood and reducing thawing time by half
  • Merchandise/Display – Great for taking your products to farmer’s markets, supermarkets, vendor shows, etc. due to their portability. These containers keep your food and beverages cold without the use of a mechanical refrigeration system


There are plenty of industries that benefit from using insulated transporting containers. Anyone that is shipping food products such as seafood, live bait, meat, poultry, frozen goods, and processed food, may use containers that can control temperatures.

The fishing industry uses insulated totes all of the time, and so do wine producers. In addition to the food industry, insulated dry ice containers are used in the medical, pharmaceutical, biohazard, laboratory, and toxic substance transporting communities.

Choose DACO For Your Insulated Container Needs

When it comes to shipping temperature-sensitive cargo, DACO knows a thing or two about the process. Our staff looks forward to helping you decide which insulated container will work best for your industry. Reach out to us soon! It is our pleasure to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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