FDA Compliant Plastic Pallets

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Is your company in need of FDA compliant plastic pallets? Plastic pallets are highly useful in commercial business and are widely used across a variety of industries. For certain companies, plastic pallets need to be FDA compliant and meet FDA regulations for the industry. There are many types of plastic pallets available, including those that are FDA compliant.

What Are Plastic Pallets?

Pallets are important structures that aid in the unloading and loading of materials. Front-loaders, forklifts, and pallet jacks transport goods to and from using plastic pallets to increase efficiency, organize, and stock materials.

Pallets are available in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic and aluminum. Wood was the original popular material, but plastic has increased in popularity over the years. Plastic pallets come in many different plastic materials, and the type of plastic pallet you need depends on your business.

The Different Types Of Plastic Pallets

There are many types of plastic pallets available for use in commercial business, including export, stackable, rackable, nestable, and display.

Stackable plastic pallets are uniquely created so that they can be stacked together without falling or slipping. Rackable plastic pallets are used for heavy loads and can be placed on a pallet rack system without falling.

Nestable plastic pallets perfectly fit within each other and minimize vertical space use. Display plastic pallets are seen in grocery stores and markets and used for product displays. These are able to be moved with a forklift easily.

The Benefits Of Use

There are many benefits to using plastic pallets in your business for storing, organizing, and displaying goods. They can replace your old wood pallets that are constantly needing repairs or are causing damage to your products, and they can meet your sanitation requirements. Plus, plastic pallets can stand up to high impact situations and heavy loads, whereas wood cannot.

Plastic pallets can meet FDA requirements for specific businesses since they are easy to clean for those industries that require specific cleaning standards. You can easily clean and sterilize plastic pallets regularly to meet FDA regulations and maintain good standards.

Industries That Can Benefit From FDA Approved Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are helpful for loading and unloading goods, and FDA approved plastic pallets are useful in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Since they are easy to clean, plus allow for heavy loads and high impact, they are a great choice for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries who need to meet FDA standards.

They can be cleaned and sterilized with harsh chemicals and not miss a beat because they are resistant to corrosion. Plastic pallets promote good hygiene, are durable, and reliable, making them an overall great choice for these industries.

Get An FDA Approved Plastic Pallet For Your Business

DACO is your go-to source for stackable and rackable plastic pallets, which can be made FDA approved for your food, beverage, or pharmaceutical company. Whatever your specific needs are for your stackable and rackable plastic pallets, we can help. Contact us through our website for more information or call 877-764-0453 today!

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