Hand-held Plastic Bins Perfect for Any Storage Solution

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Inventory, kids childhood art projects, holiday decorations, spare parts, household tools, warehouse equipment.  What do these things all have in common?  They all need to be properly stored. DACO Corp offers a wide range of hand-held plastic bins to help keep the things that matter safely stored at residential, retail and commercial settings.

DACO Corp offers a range of hand-held plastic bins in a variety of sizes, colors, styles, and features.  Most products have numerous options for customization and identification.

“Nesting” Hand-held Plastic Bins for Compact Storage

If you are looking for a product that nests when not in use, the Attached Lid Stack and Nest Container, Cross Stack and Nest Container, or 70 Liter Stack and Nest Container are some great options.  These models don’t require lids and form a barrier to keep contents secure when they are stacked.

Food Handling and HACCP Programs

Maintaining quality and food safety is essential for businesses that work with fruit, produce, meat, poultry and/or seafood.  Cross Stack and Nest Containers are available in numerous colors making them perfect for HACCP color-coded programs.  The containers’ insides are rounded to avoid bruising or damaging food products. They also come with a 100 lb. capacity, which is twice the load of competing totes.

The 70 Liter Stack and Nest Container meets FDA/USDA standards and offers a lightweight construction with a reinforced top and handles.

Attached Lid Stack and Nest Containers

Attached Lid Stack and Nest Containers are useful at home and work.

Sold in a range of colors and sizes, these durable containers are made from injection molding and come with lids attached on a hinge that allows the containers to be stacked or nest when they are not in use.  Perfect for warehouse, retail storerooms, garages, basements and sheds, these Attached Lid Stack and Nest Containers are reusable, easy to clean and 100% recyclable.

Stackable Containers

Straight Wall Plastic Totes and Plastic Crates offer durable and affordable solutions to basic storage and transport needs.  They are stackable, but they don’t nest like other products, which isn’t required for some applications.

DACO offers two sizes of milk crates and one standard size bottle case to help transport bottles, cartons, and jugs.  Both are constructed out of high-density, durable polyethylene and are vented on all sides.  Bottle cases come with dividers to protect each individual bottle from damage.  Each bottle case can hold 12 32-ounce bottles or 12 24-ounce bottles.  Milk crates are freezer safe.  Both products are easy to clean and the bottle cases are industrial dishwasher safe.

Straight Wall Plastic Totes are stackable and highly durable, making them perfect for in-process handling, storage, and closed-loop shipping.  Various sizes of totes interwork together, allowing for different sized containers to be stacked on the same pallet.  Straight Wall Plastic Totes also efficiently cube out on a 48” x 45” pallet.  They are also compatible with similar brands to expand your current system.

DACO’s Selection Has A Hand-held Plastic Tote for Every Storage Need

DACO’s wide selection of hand-held plastic bins can help you safely store and move almost any type of material at home or at work.  Contact us to get pricing on a customized item or shop online.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook for special offers and new product announcements.

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