What Exactly Is A Pallet Wrapper And How Is It Beneficial?

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Anyone who works in a warehouse is familiar with shipping goods in bulk. More often than not, those goods are moving to their next destination on a pallet. While this is a highly efficient way to send large quantities of goods to their next destination, one must still take care to ensure the safety of that product. A pallet wrapper will help you do just that. This equipment is a way to secure and contain your goods and provide safe transport in a cost-effective manner.

What Are The Benefits Of A Pallet Wrapper?

As has already been mentioned, stretch wrappers are devices used to wrap pallets of goods and help prepare them for transport. They provide a great deal of safety and security to the product as it is being shipped. The stretch wrap film that is applied around the pallet load helps protect the boxes and the goods inside from any elements they may encounter during transit. Wrapping the product also helps to contain the boxes together in one place during their journey to their next destination. By wrapping your pallet loads, it provides the boxes and goods security and stability while they travel.

Another excellent benefit of a pallet wrapper is the time it saves your workers. Prior to automated pallet wrappers, workers had to perform this work by hand. While workers still performed quality work, they were not able to wrap the goods as tightly or quickly as automated and semi-automated stretch wrappers can. Using machine-operated pallet wrappers not only cuts down on the amount of stretch wrap film you need to use, but also cuts down on the amount of repetitive workplace injuries that workers were subject too.

What Material Does A Pallet Wrapper Use?

Pallet wrappers use a material called stretch wrap that is then encased around the boxes that are stacked on the pallet. Stretch wrap has been equated to Saran Wrap or shrink wrap. That would be a good way to describe it to a novice, but that doesn’t do stretch wrap justice. Stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that is made of low-density polyethylene. It has an elasticity that is unparalleled. This elasticity is what allows it to be manipulated around goods so easily and is why it can hold items together so tightly.

What Are The Types Of Pallet Wrappers?

As mentioned, pallet loads can be wrapped by hand. This method, however, is not the most effective. You may use more wrap than necessary, and your workers could sustain repetitive stress injuries. Also, a machine will move faster than doing this by hand. There are several types of stretch wrappers, and they fall into two main categories: semi-automatic or fully automatic. Fully automatic machines having more bells and whistles than semi-automatic stretch wrappers have.

Invest In DACO Pallet Wrappers

DACO will provide your business with pallet wrappers that will best fit your needs. These wrappers will help keep products safe and secure during transport and allow you to be more efficient when wrapping and preparing the product for transport. To get more information on our products, you can contact us here. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on our products.

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