Is Your Warehouse Equipped With All The Essential Safety Products?

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Running a successful business is about more than just your sales figures. While those are crucial to your business, other things are considered a metric for success. Keeping your expenses down by not damaging your equipment and property is one of those metrics. Another is to maintain a safe working environment for your employees.

Unsafe environments make for disgruntled employees, and they also open you up to liability. Let’s examine the wide range of safety products every warehouse should have to ensure safe working conditions for their employees, customers, and other potential visitors.

What Are Warehouse Safety Products?

Warehouse safety products can cover both the people working in your warehouse and the materials you have in your warehouse. Without property safety tools, both could face serious injuries or damage in a warehouse setting. You want to protect your people because you value human life! Equipment in a warehouse can cause serious harm, even fatalities, when proper precautions are not taken.

In addition to harming your employees, you can also cause damage to your equipment. While less grave than harm to a human, a smart business doesn’t want to misuse equipment either. Having to constantly replace or repair damaged equipment can run you into the thousands of dollars. Making the investment in safety products ahead of time will save you both monetary and human capital.

Different Types Of Safety Products And What They Do

Each type of safety product serves a different purpose. To keep your people and your product safe, use these safety products in your warehouse.

Safety swing gates- use to help block pedestrian walkways in a warehouse from equipment like forklifts

Forklift collision detection- use to help prevent collisions with forklifts

Guardrails- available in single and double widths to protect product and people from forklifts and pallet jacks

Aisle guards- utilize these to help extend the life of your pallet racking by protecting it from forklifts

Track guards- track guards help protect your overhead doors from contact with forklifts, thus preserving the life of your door.

Safety steel bollards- bolt to the floor and use these to protect valuable equipment like electrical panels and water mains

Safety railing- use on stairs, balconies, catwalks, or any elevated walking space that needs handrails to prevent falls

Mezzanine safety gates- floor mounted and best suited for use on catwalks

Mezzanine stairs- allows safe access to the mezzanine platform level.

Safety cages and ladders- use these to provide safe climbing access

Invest In The Best With DACO Safety Products

DACO can provide your business with safety products that will help protect not only your warehouse material and equipment, but your employees as well. Our equipment can help your business save money and have peace of mind when it comes to safety.

Contact us for a consultation, so we can determine which products will fit the needs or your business. We offer a huge selection of material handling, packaging and warehousing needs. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest material handling news!

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