Metal Shelving Units Are Perfect For Many Applications

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When you’re looking for an affordable way to use the least amount of floor space within your warehouse, metal shelving units are the answer. These units consist of three basic components: posts, beams, and shelves. One of the best things about this type of shelving is that it can utilize unused air space.

Another great benefit is how simple this style of shelving is to assemble and can be done in just minutes. Metal shelving is available in many styles such as open sides & back, closed sides & open back and closed sides & back. This allows you to design systems that are accessible from both sides or just one side. No matter what style, you get a strong, stable, free-standing shelving unit that creates organization within your facility.

Did you know that some types of shelves are boltless? You don’t need nuts, bolts, or clips that are easy to lose and often a hassle to handle. There are convenient rivets on each beam that snap into place on the slotted angle posts. You can use the units as single structures within a storage room or as a more complex system that fills an entire space.

You’ll admire the flexibility that the pre-engineered shelving units have as they are completely reusable and can be dismantled and reconfigured for future storage projects.

Where Do Metal Shelving Units Offer Space-Saving Solutions?

There are plenty of places that can benefit from metal shelving units. You may see these apparatuses in warehouses, distribution centers, supply rooms, archive record storage, museums, schools, and many other buildings.

You can access products from all four sides since metal shelving units are entirely free-standing structures that don’t require any back bracing. Ideally, this type of shelving works well in industrial, commercial, and office settings. However, these types of shelves can work just about anywhere.

The framework material is strong and durable, which makes the shelves great for heavy and bulky loads.

The shelves themselves come with standard particleboard material, but you also can order them in white melamine, oak vinyl, solid metal, corrugated metal, perforated corrugated metal, and wire. Before ordering your shelving unit, take a moment to consider your industry and which type of these materials will best serve you.

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