Need Help with Your Archive Storage Files? Metal Shelving Units are the Answer

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Running a successful business means more than providing products and services to consumers. There is plenty of paperwork and logistics involved. Nothing is more important than making sure that you have space to store those important files. Metal shelving units can help you get organized while maximizing your space so that you have room to store other things.

There are a number of shelving unit types designed to fit into your space, whether you need them to fit into an office, commercial or industrial facility. Some of the metal shelving units that DACO offers include standard, medium, and heavy-duty in addition to widespan shelving units.

What Are The Benefits Of Metal Shelving Units?

Metal shelving units are completely boltless. Another major benefit is the space-saving that metal shelving units create. Because these particular units don’t require back-bracing, you can access the units from both sides.

They are perfect for spaces that require a considerable amount of storage. Shelves provide vertical storage, so you’re taking advantage of the height of the room, and optimizing your floor space. This extra space means that you can store a number of other important materials or provides you with space for more shelving units.

These metal shelving units are great for many different types of applications outside of archive storage. They can be used in warehouses, distribution centers, the automotive industry, and more.

What Are The Features Of Each Type Of Shelving Unit?

Two of the biggest benefits of our metal shelving units are their easy assembly and durability. Both of these things are made possible in part by the material we use to construct our shelving units. Our units are manufactured with 14 gauge steel. Standard shelves are made from particleboard, but they are also available in other materials such as white melamine, oak vinyl, solid metal, corrugated metal, perforated corrugated metal, and wire. There are four types of shelving units that you can choose from. Those are:

Standard Duty- Standard duty shelves can have widths of 36” or 48”, with shelf depths ranging from 12” to 48”. Each shelf can usually hold up to 350 lbs.

Medium Duty- Our medium-duty shelves have similar measurements to our standard duty shelving units. However, the medium-duty shelves can hold between 480 and 600 lbs per shelf.

Heavy Duty- The heavy-duty shelving units have the same measurements as the standard duty shelving units. They are adjustable and can hold between 900 and 2,000 lbs per shelf when weight is evenly distributed.

Wide Span- Wide span shelving units come in three widths: 69”, 72”, and 96” with shelf depths that range from 12” to 48”. Each shelf can hold between 500 and 1,400 lbs when weight is evenly distributed. These industrial shelves are perfect for file storage, office, commercial, and industrial applications.

Use Metal Shelving Units For All Of Your Archive Storage Needs

DACO has a wide offering of metal storage shelves that are perfect for every kind of facility. If you have files that need to be stored, then DACO has the perfect shelving unit for you. To find out more about our products and services, you can contact us here. Also, follow us on Facebook for more DACO news.

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